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How to activate roaming

How to activate roaming

Mobile phones and mobile communications have become part of our lives. And now it is hard to imagine how one can dispense with this useful add-on.

For modern man it is important to keep abreast of developments and to keep things under control.

Those who often travel abroad or around the country, stay connected helps roaming.



Depending on service areas, roamingIt can be national and international. National roaming is valid in the country at the subscriber away in another region. International, respectively acts upon departure subscriber abroad. Roaming usually requires no additional actions from the user and automatically starts to operate at the intersection of the home network area. However, before you go abroad or to the neighboring region is still to clarify the tariffs for roaming services. Perhaps your operator provides different options for payment for this service, and you can choose the one that will be beneficial for you. Learn about the operator's proposals, go to the personal account on the website or call the hotline. Roaming can connect directly from their personal account on the site operator. But this method is suitable only for those subscribers who are registered in your account. The registration procedure typically causes no difficulty and requires no special knowledge.


Connect roaming is possible in any interior communicationoperator. It takes time, but it will get meaningful professional advice, will be able to ask questions, besides the service is activated in your presence, and you will be sure that it works.


Activate the service by pressing the appropriate combination of numbers and characters and sending USSD-request directly from your mobile phone. In this case you should receive a notification of the activation of the service.


There are special tourist SIM-card with pre-roaming, an unrestricted license to use and allows you to receive calls coming into your own room.

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