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How to activate Abbyy lingvo


How to activate Abbyy lingvo</a>

Abbyy lingvo is a collection of dictionaries and translators that allow you to work with texts in more than twenty languages ​​of the world.

This company develops various software products for both computers and smartphones.

You will need

  • - computer with internet access.



Go to the Abbyy lingvo website to install and activate this program: http://www.abbyy.ua/products/linguistic/lingvo/, Select the product that you need to work, below the title and description of the program, click the "Buy" link.


Next, choose the type of program (dictionaries, programsFor recognition or mobile applications), select a program, make an online purchase to activate Abbyy lingvo. This action is necessary to transfer the program from the demonstration (familiarization) mode to full-function mode. In the evaluation mode, the program is available for fifteen days.


Download the program installation file. Install it on the computer. Automatically after launching the program, the "Activation Wizard" will be launched, with which you can activate the Abbyy lingvo program. If the wizard does not appear, go to the program window.


To activate the Abbyy lingvo program,Go to the "Help" menu, select "Activate dictionaries", follow the instructions of the activation wizard. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.


Activate the Abbyy lingvo program on the site. To do this, start the browser and follow the link http://activation.abbyy.ru/Lingvo/default.asp. To activate versioning of the programLingvo x3 or x5, select the appropriate section on the page, fill in the Product ID field, and also the "Serial Number" field, click the "Activate" button. As a result, you will receive an activation file, it must be used to run the wizard in the program window.


To activate the program version 9,10, 11 or 12Go to the appropriate section of the page, enter the number of your software product in the Installation ID or Product ID field - you can find it during the installation process. In the next field, enter the serial number of the program. In response, you will be given an activation code to use in the wizard.

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