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Acne on the face: the causes, treatment and prevention

Acne on the face - this is a problem, which is mainly popular among young people.

Acne on the face - this is a problem, which is mainly popular among young people.

Some of them simply believe it's all about the so-called hormonal storms that occur in their bodies, and believe that with age spots will disappear.

Whether the matter of age?

Partly. Acne is really disappear with age, but not all. There are people who constantly suffer from unpleasant rash on the face and all over his body. Moreover, their problem does not disappear with time, but compounded with even greater force.

Especially the bad accounts, one unfortunatepimples appear on the face. After all, for example, a rash on the shoulders, back and even chest - a problem that can be solved, if not, then at least to cover clothing. Face cloths wrap will not work.

Acne on the face. Causes

To hike to the solution of this problem wasthe most effective, you need to figure out pimples occur for whatever reason. Here is a list of the main factors on which the acne (acne) appears not only teenagers, but also adults who:

  • abuse of alcohol, tobacco or drug veschestvami-
  • adolescence with concomitant hormonal aktivnostyu-
  • the use of cosmetic products that are not suitable to this type of skin-
  • unhealthy diet (eg, eating foods containing GMOs) -
  • the occurrence of permanent stress.

The above reasons - this is probably thethe main instigators of the hated acne on the face and the body of man. Accordingly, in order to reduce the acne on your face to a minimum, you need to change your lifestyle for the better.

Proper nutrition - the key to health and beauty!

The diet of proper nutrition - the first step towardshealth, while poor diet has a direct impact on a person's appearance. The fact that the substance contained in the food, the food enter the blood, taking a direct part in the metabolism. This, in turn, is a man for the benefit of, or is manifested in the form of permanent acne and, to be honest, in the form of new fat deposits on the sides. But that is another story.

A visit to the doctor

If self-adjust their menu is notit is possible, you need to consult a doctor, a dietitian, who can help make an individual diet. The doctor advises to eliminate (or minimize) the acute and fatty foods, sweets, alcohol and coffee. Who knows, maybe this is the cause of acne on your face.

Calmness, only calmness!

It is important to understand that any stressful situation is notIt takes its toll on the human body. In particular, it is reflected on the skin: its color becomes unhealthy, wrinkles and acne. There are many problems and they arise constantly. However, you need to pull yourself together and calm down. Stress not only destroys the nerve cells, but also the face!

It is necessary to treat with endless problemsoptimism and, most importantly, with a healthy self-irony. Do not lose heart and "bury" his sense of humor, because the smile is often a more effective "medicine" in the fight against acne than hormonal creams various directional.

By beautician for advice!

Girls and women are constantly surrounded by sometubes, jars, pencils, shadows. Perhaps the reason for the hated acne on the face is hidden precisely in the wrong selected cosmetics. To solve this problem you need to enroll to the beautician. It helps determine skin type and select the best cosmetic products that will not make it greasy, clogging the pores and consequently cause an allergic reaction in the form of acne.

How else to get rid of acne on the face?

  1. You must train yourself to wash without soap in the morning and in the evening - with soap and a special soft means, does not dry the skin.
  2. Once a week should be used scrub homefor face. It can be bought in the cosmetic department, and find in his kitchen: Scrub is an excellent ground coffee or soda. Before its application the person should be good to steam. The tool will allow the clogged pores open, making it easy to clean the skin. If the skin on the face is strongly inflamed, then scrub of the need to forget.
  3. It is necessary to drink plenty of water (not soda,no beer, no cocktails). The fact that it is water that displays the body of various toxins, decomposition products and other toxins, hopelessly contaminating humans.
  4. Guys adolescent suffering from acne,You need to shave more often. Razor blades can injure the upper layer of the skin that erases dirt and other accumulations, as well as opens the pores and fills them with moisture.

In a healthy body healthy mind!

No wonder they say that there is a healthy spiritonly in a healthy body. To get rid of acne on the face, it is necessary to try to rid themselves of bad habits (smoking, alcohol, poor diet), or at least minimize them. It should be possible to do sports, for example, regular jogging outdoors, swimming, yoga.

What can be done in the fight against acne

You can not squeeze them! This is to forget once and for all. Such radical methods of removing acne on the face and body are fraught with risk of infection entering further into the skin and into the bloodstream that can cause more serious inflammation, the appearance of scars, and in some cases fatal blood infection.


To prevent new acne,it is recommended to regularly clean your skin specialists, cosmetologists. If you want to do it at home, then you need to do it carefully, observing all the recommendations and, of course, sterility. Otherwise, it may happen that only one pimple carelessly squeezed home hearth becomes quite serious problems.

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