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How to understand from parents


The problem of misunderstanding between two generations - the problem of fathers and children - is as old as the world.

But at all times the key to solving this problem was communication and building long-term trust between parents and children.



One of the frequent reasons for the strict relationshipParents to children is a concern about their future. Therefore, dedicate them to your plans for the near and more distant future. Argumented explain: what, how and why are you going to do. If they disagree with you, ask them to explain the reasons for your disagreement. Argue based on logical conclusions, life facts and examples, and not on emotions and desires. Show them your success in implementing your plans for the future, show off your achievements.


If you are still financially dependent on yourParents, try to get out of this addiction. So you show that they are already able to live without their care and make their own decisions. If you are still a teenager, start helping with household management. Do everything in your power and without a reminder. In the eyes of parents, you will look more independent, more mature. With your opinion will begin to be considered.


Often misunderstanding is a consequence of inattentionChildren to their parents. More often remember that you love your parents. Return to the relationship between you spirituality, morality, benevolence, sincerity. Pay attention to your parents, communicate with them more often, and be interested in their lives. Try to understand their problems and experiences, their attitude to different aspects of our life, attitude to different aspects of the worldview. If your parents see your attempts to understand them, they will answer you the same.


If there was a misunderstanding on someSpecific question, try to look at it through the eyes of your parents. It is possible that after this you will find the right arguments that can convince them of your rightness. This will quickly lead to the best solution for you, than if you simply shout: "I so want!". More often ask your parents about their youth. Ask about what problems they had in those days and how they looked at them. The older generation is also useful to remember themselves in their youth.

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