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How to achieve understanding from parents

How to achieve understanding from parents

The problem of misunderstanding between the two generations - the problem of fathers and children - is as old as the world.

But at all times the key to solve this problem were dialogue and building long-term trusting relationships between parents and children.



One of the common causes of hard relationshipparents to their children - is concern about their future. Therefore dedicate them in their plans for the near and more distant future. Reasonably explain what, why and how are going to do. If they do not agree with you, ask them to explain the reasons for your disagreement. Argue, based on logical conclusions, the facts of life and example, and not on emotions and desires. Show them their progress in the implementation of your plans for the future, show off achievements.


If you are still financially dependent on theirparents try to get out of this addiction. So you show that you are able to live longer without their care and make decisions independently. If you have a teenager, begin to assist in housekeeping. Do everything in your power and without reminders. In the eyes of the parents look you become more independent, more mature. With your opinion, will be considered.


Often, a lack of understanding is the result of neglectchildren to their parents. Most remember that you love your parents. Return to the relationship between spirituality you, morality, kindness, sincerity. Pay attention to their parents, often communicate with them, be interested in their lives. Try to understand their problems and experiences, their attitudes towards various aspects of our lives, related to different aspects of philosophy. If the parents will see your efforts to understand them, they will tell you the same.


If there was a misunderstanding on someparticular issue, try to look at it through the eyes of their parents. It is possible that after this you will find the necessary arguments that can convince them of your righteousness. This will lead to the best solution of the problem for you than if you just shout, "I want it!". Most often ask their parents about their youth. Ask what in those days were the problems they have and how they looked at them. The older generation is also useful to remember myself as a young man.

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