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How to achieve an increase


How to achieve an increase</a>

Each of us strives for financial independence, prosperity and recognition.

For most people, it all bringsThe long-awaited promotion in office, which is the result of a combination of such factors as a high level of professionalism, the ability to solve complex problems, manage people, when it comes to appointing to the post of superior.

Obviously, to achieve promotion in theDemonstrating all these qualities. Accordingly, you must be not just a highly qualified specialist who performs well his duties, but also a person who is able to take on b & oacute-higher obligations. Organizationality, the ability to bring all the cases to the end in time, analytical skills will only benefit you.

How to achieve an increase: several solutions

Often promotion on those who areJust more like the bosses. This factor is difficult to predict, but trying to please the manager & mdash-strategy is not the best. Remain yourself, work on your personal qualities, but do not impose your friendship on those who can decide to increase.

But, as a rule, just because no one will increase you,No matter how hard you work, no matter how much you take on yourself, no matter how much you like management. The bosses should point out your advantages. And it is not necessary to do this when there is a free vacancy: today many companies build their personnel policy differently. If earlier a suitable candidate was selected for a certain place, then it is quite possible to create a suitable position for an existing professional. The prevailing opinion in the USSR that "laquo-irreplaceable people are not & raquo-, alas, has not confirmed its truth. There are professionals for whom companies hunt, as their success, their effectiveness is such that only thanks to their efforts and knowledge, business develops. Therefore, if you want to achieve an increase, become such a specialist.

In addition, the authorities should say about theirDesire. To do this, you need to choose the right moment, tune into a constructive dialogue. For such a meeting, you do not need to try to look and behave more formally. Imagine that you have come to discuss current work issues with the manager. However, this is how your conversation should be built. You should logically address your appeal to the fact that, being in the current position, you can not fully improve the effectiveness of the company.

That is your goal & mdash- to show the boss,That you can significantly improve the work of the firm, if you have other opportunities, for example, in a new position. So, you can show not your interest in the increase, but the interest of the company in your promotion. And this will be the answer to a question that managers often ask: & laquo-But why exactly should you take this position? & Raquo-

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