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How to achieve the increase

How to achieve greater

Each of us is committed to financial independence, well-being and recognition.

For most people, it brings allthe long-awaited promotion, which becomes the result of combination of factors such as the high level of professionalism and ability to solve complex problems, manage people when it comes to the appointment to the post of chief.

Obviously, to achieve promotion candemonstrated all of these qualities. Accordingly, you should not only be highly skilled, well performing their duties, but also a man capable to take on b & oacute-lshie obligations. Organized, ability to bring all cases before the end of the deadline, analytical skills you will play only on hand.

How to achieve promotion in several solutions

Often promoted shining to those whojust like more than other authorities. This factor is difficult to predict, but try to enjoy the head & mdash- strategy is not the best. Stay yourself, work on his personal qualities, but does not impose his friendship to those who may decide to increase.

But as a rule, simply because nobody will increase,how hard you're working, how much responsibility on yourself or take, no matter how loved management. Superiors should point to your advantage. And not necessarily to do it when there is a free vacancy today many companies base their personnel policies differently. If earlier in the specific location was selected a suitable candidate, but today it is possible to create a suitable position under the existing professional. The perceived shortcomings in the USSR believed that & laquo-no one is irreplaceable & raquo-, alas, did not confirm its truth. There are professionals, for whom the company hunt, as their success, their effectiveness is that only thanks to their efforts and knowledge to developing the business. Therefore, if you want to improve, become such an expert.

In addition, the authorities should be said about hiswish. To do this, choose the right moment to tune in to a constructive dialogue. do not try to look for such a meeting and to behave more formally. Imagine that you have come to discuss with the head of the current work issues. However, it should be built and your conversation. You have to take your appeal logically to the fact that, being on the current position, can not fully improve the efficiency of the company.

That is your goal & mdash- show bossthat can significantly improve the company's work, if you will have other opportunities, for example, in his new position. So, you can not show an interest in increasing and interest in your company increase. And this will be the answer to a question that is often asked managers: & laquo-But why do you have to hold this post & raquo-?

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