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How to achieve a good stretch

How to achieve a good stretch

Flexible body allows a person to achieve the bestresults in life. This also applies to the ability to be nimble on the physical level, and the ability to be flexible to different situations on the mental level.

Man, which is similar to plastic water feels healthy and full of vitality.



You can pull the home and in the gym toinstructor. If knowledge of the stretch you at the minimum, and you want a good stretch, start by finding a good instructor. The instructor will teach you to master, it is almost impossible to understand, stretching himself. It will teach feel when to reach, despite the pain, and when to stop, in order to preserve the integrity of the ligaments and the ability to move.


Never stretch without warming up the muscles. Such nonsense can afford only professionals. "Dry" unprepared ligaments and muscles can be easily injured. A recovery can cost you a long and tedious wait. Anyone who has a long history, feels the body's response.


Warm-up is needed the most usual as before otherclasses (fitness, dancing, aerobics, tai-bo). Length should be about 10-15 minutes. Can you do active movement - jump, run around, make Mahi hands on his shoulders, on the elbows, take a "twist." Start is not very sharp, gradually increasing the strength and pace. You should feel like your muscles are warmed up.


Even if you find yourself a novice among those whoeasily sits on the string, continues to pull. Looking at the other, you will realize what should be sought, and stretching will go faster. And there is no limit to perfection.


During stretching point the inner eye to see that part of the body,which stretches. Relax, give your body the right to move wherever it goes. Any voltage (even mentally) constrains the movement. So relax your all, even the brain and the muscles of the face.


On the exhale, the body can move severalcentimeters or millimeters. Do not squeeze the body of the impossible, just try every time to move even a millimeter further. But if not, do not press on the body: he, too, there are different states.


Engage regularly. Only in this case, your stretch will be closer to the desired. The truth is if you have a good stretch, to restore it after the break quite real.


After classes with an instructor you will be able to carry out stretching at home. To do this, pick a calm, "stretches" the music. Tune stretching, throwing all my thoughts. Let the body and the music lead you.

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