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Vinegar wrapping: recipes</a>

The vinegar wrapping gives a good result: In addition to the fact that the skin becomes much more smooth and beautiful, excess centimeters miraculously disappear. There are many recipes, but not all of them are safe.

If you do not want to get body burns, stick to the most common options.

Compositions with vinegar for wraps

Grape vinegar with red clay - not badComposition for wraps. Take 5 tablespoons. Clay, bought at the pharmacy, 2 tbsp. Grape vinegar and add a little cinnamon. Wear gloves to prevent nails from staining, and carefully mix the ingredients.

Apply the mixture to problem areas, from above wrap the cellophane film. After 30 minutes, take a shower. You can increase the time after five procedures, which need to be carried out with an interval of three days.

Apple vinegar in combination with honey and flour -Option for those who want to quickly reduce body volume. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions, if you have dry skin, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Apply on the body with a brush or palm, wrap around the film and lie under the blanket. After 2 hours, wash the mixture with warm water.

If at your fingertips there is neither apple norGrape vinegar, use a common table, diluted in equal proportions with water. As an effect-enhancing component, add cosmetic clay. To increase efficiency, engage in easy running on the spot or other physical exercises.

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