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Acetic hair rinse

For hair shine

Vinegar is produced from natural raw materials, has beneficial effects on hair, due to the content of fruit acids, vitamins and enzymes.

The most effective apple cider vinegar.

Vinegar use is undesirable in hair care, as it is obtained by artificial means, and does not contain valuable natural substances.

Rinse with vinegar helps to restorethe chemical balance of the scalp, softens hair and makes them shine, helps get rid of dandruff. Rinsing with vinegar strengthen the hair, effectively clear them from styling products. Hair stay clean longer. Before the procedure, make sure that there are no allergy remedy.
Vinegar to mix with water in the ratio of 1tablespoon of vinegar per gallon of water. If desired, you can add an infusion of nettle, chamomile or sage, add mineral water or essential oil, depending on the desired result.
Rinsing the hair needs to be done on a regular basis, aftershampooing. If your hair is oily, and the prepared solution is not too saturated, washed after the procedure is not necessary, dry - preferably to rinse with warm water. The positive effect was seen after the first treatment, with regular rinsing hair condition improves noticeably. To prevent dandruff and consolidation of the results enough to rinse hair with vinegar once a week.

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