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Accustom children to discipline 5 tips parents

Schooling children to discipline 5 tips parents

Instill discipline a child - not an easy task.

Many parents fail when faced with stubborn little hooligans.

Moreover, our methods of education are often too emotional and not always correct.

Try to listen to the advice of experienced psychologists.



Parent sequence of all playsa very important role in the education, let alone in the upbringing of a child's obedience and responsibility especially. Decide on one of the forms of obedience and with one form of punishment for disobedience and strictly stick to its position. The time and severity of the punishment may vary, but the punishment itself should be clearly defined. Before the little thug decides to commit another offense, he must clearly understand that it will have to wait then.


benevolent hardness
The biggest mistake parents - is two-faced. We can embrace and praise the child, and a second later that has the strength to scream and stomp on offense kid. Shouts and screams it is hardly possible to achieve a result. It should be gentle and friendly towards children, but do not cross the line. Always remember that children are good manipulators, and they will try to abolish the previously set conditions for you. Stay good, but solid mentor the kid.


Proper communication
Rules should be clear for the child. If you want to write them on a piece of paper and hang it in a prominent place. Always explain the crumbs, what exactly are you expecting from him, tell me examples from his own life. Try to devote every waking moment to communicate with your child - talk, share news, call, interested in his life, send sms etc. Children can not read our minds - they need to teach and instruct.


We often unfairly punish children, and then,Aware of this, we cancel the penalty. Do not do it - Be fair. Before sentencing stop and think. By the way, scamp also does not hurt to think about their behavior. And if you still decided to punish, then keep your word. If we deprive the child's computer for a week - it has to be exactly one week.


Control your ego
Always motivate their actions. Often, when children evince doubt about the validity of our decisions, we get offended, and at this point our ego takes precedence over reason. In the foreground there is an authoritarian style of communication with the child. This is wrong, because only cause resentment and anger of a child. But the main purpose of education - to teach a child is to act correctly, make good decisions, and without explanation here can not do.

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