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How to accustom the cat to the tray

How to accustom the cat to the tray

Before you find yourself a kitten or an adult cat, it is better to learn how to care for them. And the first problem that you may encounter - it's accustom the animal to the toilet.

It does not matter how old your pet.

To accustom to the tray should be at any age, especially since you have brought it to a new home for him.

For starters buy a special traypet store. They come with mesh and without it. Lattice often used trays without fillers, while trays without mesh and high sides intended for toilets with a filler. Usually, cats like to dig in the sand after using the toilet, digging in their tracks. The filler can also be purchased together with the tray in the store. They vary in quality and price. Choose what you can afford. Dear fillers long hold odor and absorb moisture well, you need to change them when they are dirty and need to be changed more often cheap. Remember that all fillers need to throw in the trash rather than the toilet. With the filler will be easier to explain to the cat, which is required of him.

Once you bring the cat home, hewill choose a secret place somewhere under the bed or closet. Do not try to get him out of there, so he meets with your apartment and living in it human beings and animals. How to pass the adaptation period, he will come to you. The tray and place the food next to the secluded spot. Later you take them there, where it is convenient to you.

Introduce your pet to his new toilet. To do this, put the cat in the pan and scrape his paw in the vehicle. During the games, as well as after sleeping and eating cat allot to the tray, reminding him that it is his toilet. If the kitten did their business in the wrong place, then carefully collect cloth or newspaper his stool and put it all into the tray. Let the cat smell appears in the tray.

Do not punish your pet's strength is not in the nose tychtepuddles better to strictly say, "No!". Cats are well versed in the intonation of people. After this punishment take away the tray, and rummage in his paw in the vehicle. When your pet goes into the tray, praise his gentle voice, stroke, can treat something tasty.

Places puddles in the apartment it is better to wash with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or vinegar. You can wipe the place with a piece of lemon. Do not use with chlorine chemicals, they attract cats better than the smell of meat.

It so happens, adult cats are beginning to mark anglesapartment, host boots and even his clothes. Do not think that in this way the cat you avenge something, he just does not like the smell of things they celebrated. It may be the smell of a strange cat on your clothes or an unpleasant smell of chemistry, or come mating time. Banish the smell of someone else, leave their cats and calm. To solve this problem, the animal can be sterilized and wash places tags by the above method.

Some helpful tips.

If you have a very small kitten, youbecome a mother for him. And that you have to show him where his toilet and how to use it. Be patient, you need to train at least two - three days.

If you have an adult cat gave birth to kittens, theat first she will clean up after them, their bowel movements. And in the future it will show you how to use a tray. Kittens learn from mothers and each other, so that problems should not arise.

If you are sheltered from the street cat, it is best to firsttime use sand instead of filler. This is important because this is the house cat, most likely, burying his business into the ground. This will reduce the time to accustom the cat to the tray.

If you have an adult cat or a cat, somethingAsk the owners of his tray. And be sure to ask what type of filler used in the toilet. Cats are very picky, and get used to one type of filler, it is very difficult to accustom to another.

If you already have a cat, and you brought another kitten, then the baby will be easy to teach. Put them next to trays, and over time the kitten will begin to imitate the older cat.

You love your pets, and they will respond to you in return.

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