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HOW go to the Internet via the phone

How to go to the Internet via the phone

Internet is now so firmly established in human life, that even a short-term lack of access to it could adversely affect the performance or personal relationships.

However, given that modern mobile phones provide an opportunity to take full advantage of the Internet, the problem does not seem so serious.



The most convenient and economical in terms ofbudget way to use the Internet from a mobile - it is to connect your phone to the nearest point of the Wi-Fi access, providing access to the Internet (preferably - free).


To use the access to the Internet over a cellular connection (GPRS / EDGE / 3G), you will need to perform a few additional settings.


Go to the settings of your phone and get the item responsible for setting access to the Internet - namely, the address of the access point, user name and password.


Check the data from your service provider (or copy them from his website). Most operators also present options Shipping service to your phone via SMS.


Connect and use the Internet access.

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