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How to access the Internet through the phone


How to access the Internet through the phone

The Internet today has become so firmly entrenched in the life of a person that even a short-term lack of access to it can adversely affect working or personal relationships.

However, given that modern mobile phones provide the opportunity to fully use the Internet, the problem no longer seems so serious.



The most comfortable and economical in terms ofBudget way to use the Internet from your mobile phone is to connect from your phone to the nearest Wi-Fi access point that provides access to the Internet (preferably free of charge).


To use Internet access via cellular (GPRS / EDGE / 3G) you will need to make several additional settings.


Go to your phone's settings and find the point responsible for setting up Internet access, namely the access point address, login and password.


Check with your service provider for this information (or copy them from his website). Most operators also have a service for sending settings to the phone via SMS.


Connect and use the Internet.

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