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How to access the Internet through a mobile phone


How to access the Internet through a mobile phone</a>

Have you noticed that during a walk with your loved one you are sometimes dragged home just to check your email?

But it is not necessary to interrupt a romantic evening.

It's enough to go online with a mobile phone.



Make sure that the function of Internet access isYour phone generally is. Today it is not even in some budget devices with a color screen. Also check if your mobile phone supports work via GPRS / EDGE / 3G access point (APN), which has a name beginning with internet, not WAP. You can get the necessary information on specialized websites or from instructions to the phone.


If it turns out that the device indicated aboveDo not answer the requirements, get another corresponding to them. Do not pursue the novelties of the market. Perhaps, you can use a used, but high-quality and functional device.


Call the Cellular Operator SupportConnection. Switch to a conversation with a consultant. Name the model of your device and ask to send an automatic configuration message for it to work with an access point, the name of which begins with internet.


After receiving an automatic configuration message, select the item corresponding to the application settings in the phone menu. Make these settings the default settings.


Find out if your operator provides a serviceUnlimited Internet access with speed limit after reaching a certain amount of downloaded data. Today practically in every region of Russia such services are provided at prices affordable even for people with modest means of income. If you have such a service, connect it without hesitation.


By running the phone's built-in browser,Immediately download three third-party browsers: Opera Mini, UC Browser and BOLT, as well as a mobile version of the Mail.Ru Agent. In the future, do not use the built-in browser, because it is inconvenient.


If you work on content exchanges, notPart with them and away from the computer. Increasing thus the number of articles you create, you thereby pay the subscription fee for unlimited access to the Internet on the first day.

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