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HOW go to the Internet via mobile phone

How to go to the Internet via mobile phone

Have you noticed that during a walk with your loved one you sometimes pulls home only to check your email?

But interrupting a romantic evening is not necessary.

It is enough to go on the internet from a mobile phone.



Make sure that the Internet connection functionyour phone at all there. The color screen these days, it is not even in some low-end phones. Also check whether your mobile phone supports the work through GPRS / EDGE / 3G access point (APN), which bears a name that starts with the word the internet, rather than WAP. Get the necessary information on specialized sites or instructions to the phone.


If you find that the device mentioned abovedoes not meet the requirements, you can purchase another appropriate them. Do not try to buy the novelties of the market. You may come up and used, but the quality and functional machine.


Call customer support cellular operatorcommunication. Switch to talk to a counselor What model of your device and ask him to send me a message for automatic configuration to work with the access point, the name of which begins with the internet.


Having automatic configuration message, select the phone menu item corresponding to the application settings. Make these settings the default.


Find out whether your operator offers the serviceunlimited Internet access with a speed limit after a certain amount of downloaded data. Today, in almost every region of Russia such services are provided at prices affordable even for people of modest means. With this service, connect it without hesitation.


Running the built-in browser phone, the firstmatter immediately download three-party browser: Opera Mini, UC Browser and BOLT, as well as a mobile version Mail.Ru. Agent In the future, do not use the built-in browser, because it is inconvenient.


If you work on the content exchanges, do notleave them and away from the computer. Thereby increasing the number of articles you create, you agree to pay back the monthly fee for unlimited access to the internet on the first day.

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