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Accent wall: interior instant transformation

Accent wall: interior instant transformation

Understand what the accent wall, can be by name.

This wall, instantly attracts attention by the fact that it stands in the overall design of the room.

For what it is necessary and how to decorate it?

What are accent wall

Fragment processing. The simplest example of accent wall carpet can be considered typical for the Soviet design. Housed behind the bed or sofa, he not only insulate the wall, but also created a mottled spot. Of course, this is in the past, is now modern materials used for design accent wall. Slice trim allows even in a small room to create something bright and unusual. It can be wallpapers, tiles, use a decorative brick. The size of the decorative fragment depends on the size of the room and on her style.

Complete filling. In this case, the entire wall is involved, not just part of it. It can be painted or wallpapered contrasting colors that visually change the dimensions of the room. Bright wall will not only attract attention but also expand or narrow the proportions of the room. If you use warm colors, the accent wall can visually closer. A cool shades, on the contrary, alienate it. With horizontal stripes of contrasting colors, you can "stretch" the wall in width, and vertical stripes can raise the low ceilings.

Ideas for creating accent wall

With the accent wall can isolate the zone in which is located TV and sitting area - at the head of the bed or sofa.

This is a good solution for the functional zoning, for example, when you want to highlight the dining room or kitchen apron in the kitchen, mini-cabinet in the living room or play area within the children's room.

Accent wall is perfect for those who wish to arrange a kind of art gallery, publish it on the background of photos, souvenirs, awards - all that needs attention.

Even within the bathroom or toilet, you can use accent wall to visually expand a small room.

Finish accent wall color, texture, material, patterns

The decor accent wall can be different. This may be a bright spot, diluting monochromatic finish, or monochrome wall, contrasting with a bright finish the remaining three. As the finishing materials you can use almost anything - from classical to wallpaper decorative plaster or simulate brickwork.

If you choose a color accent, it is necessarydo it by the rules. If the interior is decorated in a bright and dynamic style, accent wall color should be the opposite of the basic shades of finish. A simple example: tender green requires a contrasting accent walls rich pink or burgundy-red. Harmonious design would be the case, if you add accessories that match the color of the contrasting wall. If the interior is quiet, accent wall should be close to the color tones of the main room. Golden beige can be combined with the color of chocolate or a soft green grass. This situation will revitalize, and overly bright combination of colors will not tiring. If the interior is made with the use of neutral colors, for accent walls, you can choose any color according to your taste.

The opposite of a monochromatic designis the use of patterns and ornaments. The most popular options - flower, vegetable, geometric. They not only enliven a room, but also create a certain mood. Sometimes you can not even change the color of the walls, and put on her drawing - room instantly transformed.

Popular is the use of cellpattern, which is considered a brutal and is used in men's interiors. The cage can be used in the dining room or bedroom zone. For the living room, this option is not always suitable, since this part of the apartment requires a bright ornaments.

Accent wall can be created with the help ofdrawings. Recreating them is as photo wallpapers, frescos, murals, wall tension with photo printing. The pattern may be in color, but can also be used in black-and-white range, which blends harmoniously into almost any design.

Not to mention, and with the focusvia invoice. The difference of textures you can create artificial stone, decorative bricks, bamboo, rattan, mosaic. Depending on the selected material can recreate any style of interior - from the Scandinavian to pop art.

If the repair is not included in the plans, accent wallYou can be created using "improvised" means. For this perfect picture, pictures, stickers, aquariums, decorative plates and more. The main thing - to approach the process with fantasy.

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