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A symbol of happiness in different people

a symbol of happiness in different people

Different people have different associations withwords and concepts, but even more the differences are between the nations. Under the influence of historical events, culture, the environment and other factors form the symbols denoting phenomena and aspects of life.

In many cultures the symbols of happiness is very similar.


Phoenix - a mythical fire bird,reborn from its own ashes. It is a symbol of happiness, immortality, glory in many cultures. The history of Phoenix began in the V century BC, when Herodotus first mentioned this bird in his writings. Beliefs about the existence of the bird of happiness spread later in the Christian world, were transferred to the Jewish culture and penetrated into the territory of ancient Russia. So there were myths about FINIST and Firebird, and craftsmen began to cut their image of wood for luck.
Later, similar to the symbol of happiness PhoenixThey began to consider many winged creatures, mostly birds is pheasant, peacock, duck imperial. In China, the rooster is a symbol of the beginning of yang and represents happiness. peacock's tail in the Ming Dynasty was regarded as bringing happiness. A common symbol of happiness has become a crane, symbolizing the desire for spiritual, eternal love and joy.


Today, the swastika is rarely associated with anythinggood, but initially it was a common symbol of happiness. Cross with curved ends meet in the ancient cultures of Asia, Africa, Europe and even America. In Buddhism, it is the heart of the Buddha, the Japanese - a symbol of a long happy life, Muslims - control of light by the parties, the Chinese - the accumulation of positive energy. In most societies, it was a symbol of life, sun, motion, prosperity and happiness.


The butterfly was a symbol of marital happiness in ancientGreece, its appearance becomes the wife of Eros Psyche. Ancient Egyptians represented it on murals in temples and pyramids. Today it is a beautiful insect is also associated with joy and happiness for many people. The Indians, Buddhists believe that Buddha sat flute eight butterflies, and once a spiritual teacher dedicated winged beauty his sermon. In China today, the groom gives the bride a butterfly - either live or made of jade. Such a gift to the other cases is the wish of happiness and longevity. In Japan, the butterfly - a symbol not just of happiness, and ecstasy, immeasurable joy, it is associated with all that is best in human life.


Horseshoe is often called a symbol of good luck, but itclosely linked with happiness. The properties of the horseshoe believe all Christian nations, as well as the Turks, Jews and representatives of other nationalities and religions. Since ancient times, common belief that it protects from evil forces. It was believed that if a nail a horseshoe over the door of the house, its residents will find happiness.

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