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Selection of modern kitchen furniture</a>

Kitchen furniture is an important part of the interior of a modern house, so it should be approached with great responsibility.

It should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, functional and made of reliable materials.

Kitchen Design

Choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is important to navigateTo your taste, and not the mainstream, because the choice of modern kitchen furniture is now huge, and you will certainly find what you need. Going for new furniture, you need to perform accurate measurements of the kitchen, as well as determine how much space you need to leave free, so you can freely move around the kitchen while cooking. It is important to consider where the embedded equipment will be located.

In the composition of almost any kitchen setIncludes hinged and floor boxes of various widths and heights. You can choose the right number of such boxes, focusing on the interior and the size of the room.

Beautiful and practical in modern kitchens is today the combination of floor blocks into one.

Shelves of hinged boxes can have blind doorsOr remain open, and also have a facade with a glass decoration. Any manufacturer of kitchen furniture will be able to offer you furniture of usual sizes and standards, or make a custom-made suite according to your parameters.

Floor boxes are ordinary closets,Cupboards or pencil boxes with a width of up to 1.2 m, and can also be simply mounted under the countertop. Their legs can remain visible or hide behind a special socle at the bottom. Doors are swinging, folding or folding. The latter open and close noiselessly, they can be fixed at any height.


The body of modern kitchen furniture is usually made of a practical inexpensive material - chipboard.

When choosing furniture from chipboard, pay attention to the fact,So that the material belongs to class E1. Such chipboards are more environmentally friendly because they contain less formaldehyde.

The facade of cabinets can be made with any material onYour taste. The main thing is that it corresponds to the general style of the kitchen, and it can be easily washed and cleaned. Today, more often you can meet the facades, covered with plastic thickness of 0.8 mm. It protects furniture from moisture, it is easy to take care of.

Kitchen from solid wood symbolizes reliabilityAnd indicates a high level of well-being of its owners. By purchasing such furniture, you can choose a pattern and color. However, do not forget about some shortcomings of wooden furniture, for example, it is very sensitive to moisture, temperature changes and other external influences.

In addition to natural wood and chipboard, in the manufacture ofToday, MDF is widely used in kitchen furniture. This material is a fine particle shavings, pressed under high pressure by a dry method. MDF boards can be given any shape, they are environmentally friendly and more resistant to external influences and mechanical damage than wood.

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