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SELF-TYPE septic tanks for country toilet


Homemade septic tanks for country cottages</a>

Arrangement of a country toilet is not a traditional cesspool, but a mini-treatment system - a septic tank - will significantly improve the comfort of living.

An industrial-grade septic tank can be quite expensive, but you can do it yourself using improvised materials.

Design features of septic tanks

Multi-chamber wastewater treatment systemOr a country house, although it will cost you more than a cesspool, but for its maintenance you will spend much less effort and money. In the case when you visit the dacha from time to time and only in the summer season, you can install a surface septic tank, but more often for the purification of waste water use several chambers dug in the ground.

As necessary, to increase the capacity of the septic tank as a treatment plant, it is possible at the expense of additionally installed containers.

The modular design of such septic tanks isA series of interconnected containers and a system of soil aftertreatment of sewage. In the first of them solid waste coming from the sewage system of the house accumulates, the surface layer of liquid from the first tank is poured into the second one, drained, cleaned and seeps into the ground. Therefore, it is very important to find a septic tank that would exclude the possibility of contamination of those waters that are used for water supply at home.

Tanks can be made concrete or usedIn this capacity euroburns of 700 liters each, which need to be installed on a plastic pallet, some masters make septic tanks from worn out tires. For connection, ordinary sewage pipes are used, the underwater pipe running from the house is insulated with polyethylene foam and foam. If you use special pipes designed for outdoor sewage systems, they can not be insulated, simply by dipping below the freezing level of the soil. To ensure the necessary tightness of the structure, all joints of pipes are glued with silicone compound, they also need to be wrapped with sanitary tape.

Places where the pipes are connected to the canisters must be reliably glued with epoxy glue.

Cleaning of country septic tanks with biogranules

To clean wastewater coming fromToilet, special bacteria or biogranules are used, which are enough to be poured into the toilet after a certain period of time: every two weeks or monthly. Some bacteria are able to multiply on their own and they need to be replenished only when the septic tank is dry. Waste that is obtained after the decomposition of solid particles by bacteria is deposited on the bottom of the septic tank, they can then be used as a fertilizer for the soil. This operation for the disposal of waste is best entrusted to specialists. Additional purification of wastewater is carried out in a drainage system, which can be done both near the septic tank and away from it, it functions in an autonomous mode and does not require any additional maintenance. Judging by the feedback, such a system works without fail, and there are no unpleasant smells on the site.

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