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A fitness center: opening from scratch

Own fitness center: opening from scratch

Good fitness center allows people to improve their overall health, lose weight, manage stress and relax.

If you are planning the opening of a fitness center, you need as carefully as possible to consider the business plan.

You will need

  • - business plan-
  • - finansirovanie-
  • - pomeschenie-
  • - sport equipment.



Write a business plan for your future Fitness Centrea. As with any new business, it is very important to take into account all the basic operations, which include financing, marketing and more. You should know what to strive for.


Solve the issue regarding funding. You will need to determine whether you will support the new Fitness Centre own resources, or start looking forinvestors. In addition, your plan should include projections for the first three years of activity, so you can determine how you will pay the salaries of employees and have their own income.


Determine the location of the center. If you are going to open such training classes, like yoga or step, you will need at least one spacious studio. When prompted to select great room should have enough space for the strength training, cardio equipment and to warm up the shells, as well as locker rooms and showers. Make sure that the selected building can accommodate it all.


Acquire the necessary equipment. As a business owner you can buy everything you need at wholesale prices. Do your research and determine the best price and the required hardware targets. Also, make sure that it comes with a warranty as well as a fitness equipment is always actively used and will periodically need to be repaired.


Hire employees. When you are interviewing candidates for the position of trainers or fitness instructors, make sure they have a solid experience in the field of exercise and fitness. You will also probably need service personnel and customers of all premises.


Proceed to the conduct of your business. Come up with special price offers and discounts in honor of the grand opening Fitness Centreand to attract customers.

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