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SEVERAL tips on garden care without chemicals

A few tips on garden care without chemicals

Every gardener knows that chemicals are very harmful to the crop, they can be used only in extreme cases.

To defeat the pests, fertilize the soil and improve the productivity of fruits and vegetables is desirable to use the popular, handy tools.



In preparing the beds, it is useful to add to the soil finely ground egg shells. It lowers the acidity, improves soil fertility, as It contains a sufficient amount of calcium and magnesium.


Onion peel, infused in a conventional hot water, good fights against aphids, spider mites. The husk is not only a fighter against pests, it is a good antiseptic and stimulant of fertility.


Planting in the ground cucumbers and tomatoes, it is useful toSoil fertilizing use the midst of the drinking of coffee or tea. Strong tea accelerates the decomposition of the compost heap. Coffee grounds repels ants and snails.


Save frostbitten plants are possible by means of soaked bread. He placed in the hole around the plant and mulch the soil.


Thankfully respond vegetable planting on the infusion of black hard bread. It is soaked for two days, then used during irrigation.


From unexpected moles relieve legumes, they are planted on the perimeter of the garden plot.


Prevents the appearance of gray mold on grapes ordinary baking soda, it also helps to increase the sugar content of the fruit.


As the prevention of fungal diseases on apples and pears used a strong solution of salt. It is best to use it before the leaves.

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