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A few tips for the care of skin knees and feet

A few tips for the care of skin knees and feet

These two zones are very often concerned women. Because the skin on them is one unpleasant feature - it coarsens.

But this can be avoided if you resort to some simple tips.

So, tough skin can soften the kneesthe following recipe. You will need to mix 1: 1 vegetable oil and orange juice. Apply the mixture on your knees. You need to hold out for 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm waters. After the procedure is recommended to apply a nourishing cream.

But your feet need special care. After all, they should always look beautiful and well-groomed. We begin with a pedicure. It can be done at home. You will need to steam the legs in the water, but it is better to use the infusion of mint, chamomile and calendula. Then take a brush and pumice, and use them to remove the rough skin and calluses accrued.

After that we go to the nails. They should give a neat shape. First, remove the skin around them and then cover the nail varnish plate.

A little advice: when cutting the nails on your feet you can not cut corners. If this is done, the nail will grow into a finger.

After pedicure sure to lubricate fingersnourishing cream. If you are prone to ingrown nails, you will help the solution of tannin. Just take the water. They need 3 times a day to lubricate the affected area. After 3 weeks, the nail will take its correct position.

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