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Some ideas use buttons

Some ideas use buttons

Needlewomen have often accumulated a huge variety of buttons. What can be done with them?

It turns out that there are many ways of application buttons to create unusual and creative accessories.

Here are some of them.



If you have a lot of different buttonscolors, you can create one original belt. This belt will beautify and jeans, tunic and monotonous. For the manufacture of thin belt nanizhite buttons on a thick thread. At the end make a loop for fastening. If you want to make a wide belt, the buttons on nasheyte wide elastic band.


From bright buttons will turn out unusual earrings. Attach to each button of the connecting rings. Then connect them together and attach the hook for earrings. To make the earring stud, you need to stick to the buttons of jewelry carnation.


Buttons can be decorated hair accessories: rubber bands, hair clips, ring. If the buttons strung on a thin rubber band, you get an unusual hoop hair.


To make the buttons necklace nanizhite themwire and attach to the ends of the zipper. Either nasheyte buttons on the tape, and it ends, use both straps. Another version of the necklace: attach to each buttons of the connecting ring, and then attach them to the chain.


Buttons can decorate and shoes: moccasins, slippers, sandals. Nasheyte buttons on the uppers or obkleyte their heels.


Original and unusual obtained bags with sewn buttons on them.


If pasted beautiful buttons frame for photos, you get a very nice gift for a girlfriend.

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