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SEVERAL ideas for using buttons


A few ideas for using buttons</a>

The needlewomen often accumulate a huge number of various buttons. What can be done with them?

It turns out that there are many ways to use buttons to create unusual and creative accessories.

Here are some of them.



If you have accumulated a lot of buttons of differentColors, you can create an original belt from them. Such a belt will decorate both jeans and a monophonic tunic. To make a thin girdle, string the buttons on a thick string. At the end make a loop for fastening. If you want to make a wide belt, then put the buttons on a wide rubber band.


Of the bright buttons you will get unusual earrings. Attach the connecting rings to each button. Then join them together and attach a hook for earrings. To make earrings-carnations, you need to glue jewelry buttons to the buttons.


The buttons can be decorated with hair accessories: elastic bands, hair clips, bezel. If the buttons are strung on a thin elastic band, then an unusual hoop for the hair will turn out.


To make necklaces of buttons, string them onWire and attach the clasp to the ends. Either clean the buttons on the tape, and use its ends as a string. Another version of the necklace: attach a connecting ring to each button, and then attach them to the chain.


Buttons can also decorate shoes: moccasins, slippers, sandals. Push the buttons on top of the shoe or glue them with heels.


Original and unusual bags are obtained with sewn on them buttons.


If you cover with a beautiful buttons a photo frame, you get a very nice gift for a girlfriend.

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