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A few ideas for quick renovation of interior design

A few ideas for quick renovation of interior design

Sometimes even small changes can have a significant impact on the state of the interior of the house and the mood of its occupants.

This article offers some quick and inexpensive solutions design home interior renovation.

Decorative tray

Usually on the coffee or the coffee table lieremote controls for TV or DVD, magazines or newspapers. Place this table also Wicker tray. On it you can put a bottle of liquor, glasses, a few corals. These elements create a mood of relaxation, as if the living room is located in a beach house in one of the exotic countries.

Children's drawings

To create a creative environment at worktable you can hang children's artwork. Drawings can be placed in bright frame or vice versa, place them in the mat. Such objects of interior filled with a special warmth.

Paint Shade

You can buy inexpensive paper and construct a removablelampshade on floor lamp or floor lamp. Then select the appropriate shade of paint and paint the shade. Based on your preferences, on the lampshade can do some drawings or do any decoration. And you can just paint it red, that will help create the room incredibly romantic atmosphere.

Update bathroom

In this case, by updating the bathroomIt means not replacing plumbing or tile. Refresh design of the room as possible, replacing the shower curtain, adding aromatic candles, a small bouquet of flowers.

Shelves and racks

During the renovation of the interior do not forget aboutcabinets and racks. Try to paste over the rear wall of the cabinet or bookshelf wallpaper with the image of snake skin, crocodile or ostrich. This will allow the items placed on the shelves, look rich enough and significant.

A stack of books

Albums, encyclopedias on art, design,gardening, travel books - all that you are interested in and what is going to - can be placed on the table. According to designers, the book - a very nice accessory for the interior design. They reflect the interests of the owner of the house and at the same time give him the inspiration and creative impulse.

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