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The ban on the carriage of liquids on board aircraft

On board is forbidden to take liquids

It entered into force a new law which prohibits absolutely any transport of liquids in hand luggage on board the aircraft.

Many tourists, who will makeflight, concerned about the issue concerning the ban on the carriage in the hand luggage of all kinds of liquids. The ban is already in force and will remain in force until the twentieth of March. This decision Rosaviation taken to ensure greater security. Besides approaching the Olympics, where the provision of the absence of any terrorist attacks - the main prerogative of the authorities.

Currently, the aircraft - the mostvulnerable to acts of terrorism, so they paid less attention. It is worth noting that all of the liquid (such as drugs and personal care products), the passenger has the right to put in your luggage. Still, this new rule will not apply to goods purchased in duty-free duty-free shops. It's sterile zone, and all the products have passed a thorough inspection. The purchased goods are not allowed to open during the flight, enjoy the tourists can purchase after arrival at the destination.

In fact, nothing in this supernovathere are no restrictions. Russia lags behind even a little of the world where such a rule has long existed. Russian passengers is recommended to understand the such prohibitions. In fact - it is primarily to ensure their safety. Therefore, prior to departure, you should definitely learn the rules of transportation of not only luggage, but also manual kladi- and timely arrive at the airport of departure.

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