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How to distinguish gasoline from 92 95

Refuel better on proven gas station

Modern car owner is extremely interested in the long life of your car, and it is directly related to the fuel quality.

Independently determine the suitability gasoline standards is very difficult - perhaps in the future will be releasing special testy- and yet have to rely on the integrity filling stations.

The figures standing near the distinguishing mark,indicate the octane number- than they are, the more stable the molecule of gasoline and less detonation. Before an octane number can be a single letter (A) or two (AI). "A" indicates that the fuel intended for vehicles, "I" indicates that a value was determined octane research method. High octane fuel is always more expensive. It should be immediately noted that the living conditions on their own to determine the brand of fuel, ie, its octane number is impossible - need laboratory tests. However, to deal with the application, the advantages of both brands is quite real.

Gasoline A-92

Are considered to belong to the category of Regular motorgasoline. This high octane fuel used in vehicle engines with a high compression ratio. Gasoline resistant to knocking and provides a smooth motor operation. However, in European countries it is considered "dying" type of fuel, mostly due to the toxicity of exhaust gases. AI-92 is widely used in Russia. This fuel can be leaded and neetiltrovannym (according to the amount of lead).

Gasoline A-95

It belongs to the category of Rremium motor gasoline. It is believed the improved fuel kachnstva. In its manufacture uses natural gasoline, various additives to reduce knock. In this type of fuel is minimal lead content, which gives a definite plus in environmental terms. There is also a subclass of 95-octane gasoline - fuel "Extra", characterized by a complete absence of lead. As antiknock quality AI-95th almost similar to his "colleagues", 93 th gasoline.

Comparison of fuel grades

If we compare the theoretical level, the 95thgasoline 92nd qualitatively at least, the toxicity of the exhaust gases is considerably less. However, in practice the situation is somewhat inache- especially if it is associated with the Russian gas stations. The main difference from the 95 th 92 th is the presence of more additives, including various esters which contribute to a more rapid combustion of the fuel, which gives a small saving in fuel consumption. But in reality, the savings is more than "consumed" by the higher cost.
Moreover, in practice, it happens,that Russian gas stations 92 minutes is better than 95th. In fact, the difference between the two types of fuel today is minimal and depends on the integrity of the producer and seller. Therefore, only one way out - to refuel at gas stations tested.

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