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9 ways to better remember information

9 ways to better remember information

Any work associated with human brain activity and memory usage.

But sometimes it becomes difficult to remember or recall any details.

In this case, you can try to learn to perceive and remember information by other means.



Facilitates the work of the brain.
Take advantage of calendars and planners,cards, address books, generate shopping lists, keep all important documents signed folders. All this is necessary in order to keep routine information accessible. Keep the important things in prominent places, such as on the table glasses or keys for those items that you use most often.


Simplify the perception of digital information.
New phone number or personal account harder to remember, when he recorded a long list. Separate the number in parts, for example, a hyphen, and keep in a comfortable place.


Use all of your senses.
The more senses you use whenyou learn something new, the more your brain will be involved in the preservation of information in memory. For example, the smell can refresh the memories of the distant past, especially with a strong emotional content.


Expand the area of ​​perception.
In the process of perception of new information, drawpictures or record all data (even if you do not usually look in their records). When you want to remember what you just heard, or thought, repeat it out loud. For example, if you present a new employee at work, repeat the name aloud, for example: "Mary, very nice to meet you. What first impression do you have about our company, Maria? "


Do not try to cram.
Instead of repeating something many timesWithin a short period, for example, to cram material for exams or an important event, divide the time to study it at different intervals - read every hour, then every few hours, and then every day. Different time interval between periods is particularly effective when you are trying to master complex information.


Use mnemonics art.
Mnemonics - a set of different techniques andcreative ways to facilitate memorization and recall any information. It can take the form of associations with pictures, flowers or phrases rifmizatsii words, the application of extraordinary set phrases, humming the melody, the use of words clearly wrong pronunciation, etc.


Look for ways to focus your mind onany work and to acquire new knowledge and skills. There is perfect hobby. Discuss books read, crossword puzzles, play puzzle games, try new recipes, travel, visit exhibitions, etc.


Movement enhances brain activity, so the ability to memorize greatly increased. For example, trying to remember a large volume of text can go from one side of the room to another.


A change of scenery.
In the preparation of several reports on work orlearning is a good way to change the situation, for example, the text divided into two parts, and read in different rooms, in the park or library. The information saved in different circumstances, not mixed in the head and then it is much easier to remember.

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