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9 ways to remember information better


9 ways to remember information better</a>

Any work of a person is connected with brain activity and the use of memory.

But sometimes it becomes more difficult to remember or remember any information.

In this case, you can try to learn to perceive and remember information using other methods.



Make it easier for the brain.
Use calendars and planners,Maps, address books, make lists of purchases, keep all important documents in the signed folders. All this is necessary in order to keep the routine information available. Place important items in prominent places, for example, on the table near the glasses or keys, in those items that you use more often.


Simplify the perception of digital information.
A new phone number or a personal account is harder to remember when it is recorded by one long list. Separate the number in parts, for example, with a hyphen and keep it in a convenient place.


Use all your senses.
The more sense organs you use whenYou will learn something new, the more your brain will participate in storing information in memory. For example, the smell can refresh memories from the distant past, especially with a strong emotional content.


Expand the area of ​​perception.
In the process of perceiving new information, drawImages or write down all the information (even if you usually never look in your entries). When you want to remember what you just heard or thought, repeat it out loud. For example, if you are introduced to a new employee at work, repeat his name out loud, for example: "Maria, it's nice to meet you. What first impressions did you have about our company, Maria? "


Do not try to cram.
Instead of repeating something many times in theFor a short period, for example, to cram the material for exams or an important event, divide the time into its study at different intervals - read once an hour, then every few hours, then every day. A different time interval between periods is especially effective when you are trying to master complex information.


Use the art of mnemonics.
Mnemonics is a collection of different techniques andCreative ways to facilitate the memorization and recall of any information. It can take the form of associations with pictures, flowers or phrases, rhyming words, applying unusual phraseological phrases, melody melody, using words with knowingly wrong pronunciation, etc.


Improve yourself.
Look for ways to focus your brain onAny work and acquire new knowledge and skills. Here, a hobby is great. Discuss the books you read, solve crossword puzzles, play logic games, try new recipes, travel, visit exhibitions, etc.


Move on.
Movement increases brain activity, so the ability to remember significantly increases. For example, when trying to memorize a text of a large volume, you can walk from one side of the room to another.


Change the situation.
When preparing several reports on work orLearning is a good way to change the situation, for example, the text is divided into two parts and read in different rooms, in a park or library. The information stored under various circumstances is not mixed in the head and subsequently it is much easier to remember.

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