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9 ways to cheer yourself up at home with your baby


Often it happens that a woman sitting at home withBecomes sad. Especially if the baby is nursing and almost all the attention is required to give to him. I want to be on my hands all the time or just stick to my mom. Fatigue falls on my mother, household chores are not done on their own, there is no time left for themselves. All this causes irritation and bad mood. But there are several ways to avoid this.

9 ways to cheer yourself up at home with your baby

  • Arrange the order

Cleanliness is the key to a good mood. Put the child in a sling and wipe the dust, clean up on the kitchen table. Pour out the indoor flowers. Put the baby on your lap and put the toys together in a box together. Disassemble your jewelry box with jewelry, while the child looks at interesting things, you can arrange all the decorations, throw out all the broken things. Or maybe you find some jewelry that you do not already wear and want to give to their girlfriends?

  • Invite your friends to visit

Communication is a very important part of a woman's life. Without communication, a woman becomes irritated and vulnerable. Invite one or more girlfriends to a tea party. While you are in contact, time will fly by unnoticed. This is a good moral discharge. You will see for yourself how much pleasure you will then take your child in your arms.

  • Pouch yourself

Make yourself a face mask. Even if the child is always near you, you can make a simple mask and play with the baby, and after a while wash it off. While the baby is asleep, podpilite beautiful nails and make up with varnish. Well-groomed appearance in the mirror will certainly improve your mood.

  • Dress beautiful clothes

At the words "home clothes" often appearsSomething formless and resembling pajamas. Remember that you are a woman. Buy yourself a few inexpensive, but beautiful knitted dresses or skirts. Put on earrings not on an exit, and it is simple so, houses. Make a simple quick hairstyle that you never did before. You will immediately feel the internal changes and see how you like your home.

  • Cook some sweetness

For example, a pie. Or some simple oriental dessert, which you need to cook in a saucepan, and then pour into molds, freeze and eat. It will take some time. Even if the baby is in your arms, you can try to do something tasty.

  • Make something pleasant for your husband

In order to feel happy, do notYou need some unusual ways. It's enough just to deliver a little joy to your loved one. Get up early and make breakfast for him. Or brush his street shoes. While walking with the baby, go to the market and buy him a few pairs of socks or, for example, some necessary accessory in his car.

  • Disassemble rubble

Collect all your unnecessary clothes and clothes,Which is small to your baby. Call a friend who has a child younger than yours, and ask her to pick up things for her baby. Find where in your city you can give away unnecessary things: to needy people, to a children's shelter or shelter for animals. Ask the husband to take things away when he has time.

  • Include spiritual music or mantras

Spiritual music has the properties of calmingRestless female mind. It harmonizes the inner state of a woman. It is very beneficial to include spiritual music while cooking. Even children and neighbors begin to behave more calmly, if the house is constantly quietly playing spiritual music.

  • Turn off the Internet

The child creeps around you, moans andIt is capricious, and you try to occupy it with one hand with some toy, another in haste write someone a message on the social network. Common situation? Just turn off the internet and breathe freely. You will not have time to look back, as your little man grows up and will no longer crawl and hold on to your skirt. Enjoy this time, because it passes so quickly.

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