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9 of the rules of good mood this autumn

9 of the rules of good mood this autumn

In the fall of so I want to mourn.

But we must not succumb to melancholy, or she gets hold of you completely.

I suggest you follow the rules, which will help you survive the autumn.

Autumn should start with storing vitamins. Especially now the most time to do it, since there is still the season of apples, peaches, melons, watermelons, pears and grapes. Include in your daily diet at least one piece of fruit. EA can make a fruit salad, fruit milkshake or frozen grape. Let this be your first rule.
The second rule - add to your interior brightpaints. For example orange or multicolor plaid curtains. Drip in the morning arolampu citrus essential oil. This will help you cheer up and recharge your good mood.
Create a folder on your computer "My Movies" andDownload to get all the movies you want to watch. Autumn - the rainy season. And what could be nicer than to look good in this weather ridiculous melodrama or comedy? Write in the third rule.
The following rule - do not forget about sports. How would not want to be lazy, every morning, do light exercises in the evening go for a walk or a jog and a couple of times a week, go to the swimming pool, fitness or gym.
Ginger - is our fifth rule. Be sure to buy a ginger root, grind and add to coffee and tea. In addition to pleasant taste ginger helps to strengthen the immune system.
Autumn - time to mushroom. Sixth rule - invite friends and go to look for mushrooms in the woods or forest plantations. The main thing here is not the result, but great time spent.
Choose the brightest summer photos,print them and to dissolve the walls. You can also set one of the most popular photos on your computer desktop. When your eyes will fall on these pictures - the mood will rise automatically. Here is the seventh rule.
And eighth rule - it's time to update the wardrobe. Ate major purchases in the plans is not, you can buy a nice warm scarf and gloves handy. winter is not afraid of them.
And the last. Remember that the autumn - is the colorful trees, the beautiful sky and time for the autumn shoots. And in front of us waiting for the snow-white winter!

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