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9 Happy Relationships laws

9 Happy Relationships laws

Each of us dreams of a perfect relationship.

Someone might say that this is impossible, but it is not. Of course, to create an ideal relationship is not easy, but possible.

Just sometimes we do not understand what is wrong, and then we need the tips and thrusts that will fix all the mistakes that we did not notice before.

And here it is, a little help, which may help avoid more mistakes in the relationship, that in the future they will make perfect.



The first, of course, you need to know - it's the lawsimilarity. Always remember that we attract to itself the same people as we are. This means that if you want to attract into your life worthy of man, so be worthy.


The second law is called cause and effect, theis, if you want your partner to treat you well, then you should treat it the same way. In other words, what we give, and get something in return. We give joy and love - instead we get the same thing.


There, too, as it is the law of love. We all need love, warmth and affection, whether male or female. Remember that the more you show positive qualities, the more you get in return.


Words have incredible power. I think many people know this, and probably every one of us more than once caused pain loved one bad word. Do not forget that every person in the depths of the soul, as well as any small child, afraid of being rejected. Apply force only to the warm and gentle words.


Relationship without trust can not be built, as it issad sounds. Jealousy - it is only the fear of being alone and losing a loved one. Get rid of negative feelings and then trust lodge itself in your relationship.


Sincerity. Love can not live without it. It is like water for a flower. If not, it will wither and die. Love must be constantly maintained. Do not be afraid to talk to their loved one all the things that you feel and think. Do not take a good relationship for granted. It is necessary to appreciate all the affection that you give to each other. Praise is not afraid to praise your mate. Each of us needs to see and hear what we approve of and accept.


Give love freely. The more we give it, and the more we get in return. This is the principle of action of a boomerang. To give all my heart to the man whom I enjoy and do not ask anything in return. Love does not tolerate sharing.


The law touches - it is an integral part of thelove. Hug a loved one as often as possible and with all my heart. Touch - is nothing but a manifestation of all the good feelings, and therefore love. Even scientifically proven that touching a positive effect on our health.


Well, the last thing you need to remember - this is freedom. Do not limit each other in this. Yes, maybe it's not easy, but necessary. Life wisdom says that the more freedom we give a loved one, the closer he is to us. Remember all of these laws. One without the other does not work, but all together is incredibly strong. Be happy! Good luck!

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