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8 ways to speed up hair growth

8 ways to speed up hair growth

Long hair - the pride of women.

These simple tips will help you to grow a braid Rapunzel.

1. trimmed
Hair should be trimmed often, patients with hairposechennymi meet rising bad .. Every day we use a variety of hair dryers and curling irons, which, of course, dry hair. Getting rid of split ends, we program the hair grow back faster.
2. Massage the scalp with hot oil
One of the effective ways to do hairthicker, stronger and healthier - a head massage with warm oil. Heat the oil should be rubbed into the skin and leave for 15-25 minutes, then wash your hair. Use can be burdock or castor oil. The procedure is repeated 2 times a week.
3. Egg white
Vitamins that contain egg white exhibithealing properties. All you need to break a few eggs, separate the yolks from the protein and cause the protein to the hair. Keep this mask from 10 to 30 minutes. The result did not take long. Already after the first mask, the hair will look much healthier.
4. Drink water
If you're drinking 8 glasses of water a day, not only feel better, but more and improve your hair. A healthy hair grows faster.
5. Combing hair
Combing hair should be about 4 times a day. This stimulates the hair follicles, which stimulate hair growth.
6. Gently use a hair dryer and tongs
Drying and straightening repulsive effect on our hair. We must try to reduce the use of at least up to 4 times a week. And you will see how the hair becomes healthier.
7. Proteins
The fact that we eat too affects hair growth. Eating protein helps follicle proper operation. Fish, milk, eggs, bananas - all of these protein products are useful to our hair.
8. Potato juice
Hair growth depends on the amount consumed vitamins, the hottest vitamin B. For hair growth, you can make a mask potato (grated potatoes to the hair).

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