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8 ways to create a New Year mood


Learn how to create a New Year's mood for yourself and your loved ones!

1. Decorate your house. Garlands, colorful balls, tinsel - indispensableAttributes of the holiday, which will quickly set you on the right way. It will be especially cool if you decorate your house with your own hands, taking the other members of the family as assistants: cut out snowflakes, make a herring of colored paper, make up a beautiful bouquet of fir branches, etc. in the same spirit.

2. Festive pastry. It is simply impossible to indulge in melancholy when the house is filled with a gingerbread flavor! Look through the Internet, cookbooks, magazines for the recipes of the holiday baking and go to the kitchen!

3. For gifts! Approach the process creatively: Think carefully about what to give to someone, how to pack a present, how to hand it ... Imagine how much joy you will deliver to a loved one, not only giving him what he longed for, but also putting a piece of his heat into it!

4. Cinematography to the rescue! Create a New Year mood will help the movie about the holiday. Using the Internet and / or the advice of friends, select an interesting movie and watch it on a free evening.

5. Yes, for a walk! Before the holidays in all cities the main streetsDecorate with herlands, lights - in many - build ice towns ... Go in the evening for a walk: looking at decorated Christmas trees, wonderful ice figures, shimmering lights, not to be imbued with a holiday is simply impossible.

6. Magic sounds of music. New Year's playlist is not only "JingleBells "and" Happy New Year ". Dilute your winter playlist with the old New Year songs of the USSR, Catholic and Orthodox Christmas songs, American pop songs of the last century

7. Do charity work. If you've never done this before, the very thingTime to begin. With the help of the charitable organizations of the city, find the addresses of single pensioners and congratulate them on the holiday, give unnecessary things to the orphanage ...

8. Make a list. Even two. Take a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and think about what happened to you over the past year. Do not be shy, praise yourself, remember all-all-all! Wow? Then we continue. We take another sheet of paper and write what we want to achieve in the new year, 2015. And now we will remove our list away. On the next New Year, look into it and see what you did and what did not.

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