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8 simple and effective tips to save fuel

8 simple and effective tips to save fuel

Private car is the most popular and common means of transportation in our busy world. Unfortunately, to keep the car - not a cheap pleasure.

In particular, fuel prices are rising rapidly, which has a negative impact on the budget, especially when you have to travel every day.

1. Slow down

Driving at high speed can someone findextreme fun and pastime, but if you face the goal to save on fuel - you better slow down. Reducing the speed of 10 km / hour, you reduce fuel costs by up to 8%, if not 15 - 16%. Generally, to drive at the maximum speed is dangerous for both you and your passengers, besides get a penalty for excess - too unpleasantly.

2. Take care of tires

Everything is connected in your vehicle and affect eachother. So, do not forget to monitor the condition and pressure of tires, which, moreover, would reduce the wear of your car as a whole and reduce fuel consumption. Remember how difficult it is to ride a bike with run-flat tires? It's the same with your car.

3. Easier with brakes

Sudden braking will not do. You must be very careful with the brakes and move uniformly, because the jerks control increases wear and fuel consumption. Avoid this very easily. Keep proper distance ?? between you and the car in front, try to predict the movement of other cars and, of course, be very attentive to what is happening on the road.

4. Check the air filter

If you thought that the replacement of the air filterafter each oil change is not a necessary procedure, it is not so. With the new air filter, you can reduce fuel consumption up to 10%. Consult an expert to know when it's time to change it.

5. Choose a straight road

Of course, driving on roads with steepturns can reduce the time to get to your destination, but at the same time it will increase the mileage and fuel consumption. In our country, not all roads are in perfect condition, but the fact remains - driving on a flat road saves fuel.

6. Make a plan

You know that tomorrow will be a very busyday and you will have to visit many places, so it is better make a plan. Select the route, if possible, without frequent returns and choose roads with less traffic and congestion, so you can avoid stressful trip for yourself and your car.

7. Reduce the load

Your transport consumes more and moreincreased loading of fuel in the car and crowded. Review the things that you have in the cabin and boot. Surely, you will find a lot of things that do not need or do not need often does, why it is better not to leave them at home or in the garage.

8. Stop the engine

Surely, you often had to wait tonezaglushennym engine of any of the store, who ran for shopping "for a minute." You must realize that in such moments spend wasted fuel. After all, often shopping trip takes longer than you expect. Stop the engine and save on gasoline and reduce air pollution with toxic exhausts.

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