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8 of the rules of the rich people

8 of the rules of the rich people

To get rich enough "to work somewhere" and "do something."

We must constantly strive for new goals and follow a few simple rules.



Try to do more. Do not waste time to think. You can define the initial motion vector, but then you need to move like a battering ram.


Try to work on yourself. self-employed work can not make you truly rich, since you will strongly depend on the employer.


Give people the value and the money will come looking for you. Only goods that satisfies any human needs, will allow you to receive significant profit.


Love your work. If you do not like any job, it is better totally abstain from it or to outsource. Engage only in that brings you pleasure.


Think about how to make one million rubles. Focuses on smaller goals are not worth it. Explore all possible information on the subject. Sooner or later the inspiration will come to you.


Begin to communicate with the rich people. This will allow you not only to find new contacts, but also to understand what methods they use to achieve results.


Create a passive income. You have to make a profit even when no work.


Constantly invest money. Get a lot of money can only be investing. If you are afraid to invest their savings in a risky business, it is unlikely to be able to see large numbers of bank accounts.

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