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7 tricks Maynkraft


7 tricks Maynkraft</a>

Minecraft is a popular game, the number of fans is constantly increasing. Of course, not all users prefer fair play, some are used to trickery.

Especially for them were collected several tricks that will help make the game easier.



To constantly not paint the coat, try to immediately color the sheep. This will allow you to get an unlimited number of color blocks.


Use the pearl edge to quickly move around the location. It is better to accumulate several slots in advance of 64 units.


In order not to climb through the caves in search of emeralds,Use the following trick. Find a village in which there are farms and NPCs. Cut the wheat (do not forget to plant the seeds in the previous places) and sell it to the inhabitants.


Use the flint to get the cooked meat right away. Just set the block under the animal. This will save you time, fuel and the strength of the sword.


Destroy places of revival of mobs with the help of lava. Just put it in a bucket and pour it next to the spawn.


If you need to quickly clear a path, use dynamite. It is best to do it where there is not exactly valuable ore.


Falling into the abyss from the cliff, quickly click on the pauseAnd exit the game. Then come back again, fly a few meters and get out. The bottom line is that the fall rate when restarting is not saved, which means that you can save the life of your character.

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