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7 tricks Maynkraft

7 tricks Maynkraft

Minecraft - a popular game, which is the number of fans is growing. Of course, not all users prefer to play fair, some are used to cheat.

Especially a few tricks have been collected for them, which will help to facilitate the game.



To not permanently dyeing hair, just try to paint a sheep. This will allow you to receive an unlimited number of colored blocks.


Use pearl edge to move quickly on the scene. It is better to pre-save a few slots for 64 units.


To climb in the caves in search of emeralds,Use the following trick. Find the village, which has a farm and the NPC. Cut wheat (do not forget to put the seeds in the old place) and sell it to residents.


Use Flint to immediately get cooked meat. Just light the unit under the animal. It will save you time, fuel and sword strength.


Destroy spawn mobs using lava. Just type it into the bucket and pour close to spawning.


If you need to quickly clear the way, use dynamite. This is best done where exactly will be valuable ore.


Falling into the abyss of a cliff, tap on pauseand exit from the game. Then go again, fly a few meters and then exit. The bottom line is that the falling speed at restart is not saved, so you can save the life of your character.

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