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7 steps to cleanliness and order in the kitchen


7 steps to cleanliness and order in the kitchen</a>

The kitchen is often the most favorite and most unmanageable place in the house.

Here, the things of all family members accumulate-textbooks and notebooks of children, husband's working papers, toys-and somewhere in this mess you must prepare lunches and dinners.

To ease your life, take 7 steps towards the rational organization of your working space in the kitchen.



The first step is to organize anyThe situation is cleaning. Inspect all kitchen cabinets and drawers. Think about what is really needed, and what only takes place. Throw out what you do not need, as well as what the kitchen does not have space - paper, toys, etc.


Next, inspect the contents of the refrigerator,Freezer and pantry. Overdue products should not be in the kitchen. Say goodbye to what exactly you will not eat. Take for a rule to sign the shelf-life of products in the freezer and blanks in the pantry. And then use or get rid of the expired products in a timely manner.


Divide the kitchen into functional areas. For example, a coffee maker, a coffee grinder, coffee and coffee cups in one drawer. Similarly, do the same with other items. Those. Break all kitchen utensils in different subjects.


When mistresses try rationallyOrganize a kitchen space, they immediately want to buy as many containers and boxes for storage. It's convenient, but you should not buy them in advance in large quantities. First, sort the kitchen accessories, determine the correct number of containers, and then purchase. So you will get exactly what you need.


Use labels and labels. This will help all family members know what and where is. And this, in turn, will push them to restore order in the kitchen.


Create a kitchen cleaning system. Hang on the refrigerator schedule to put things in order in the kitchen, write down all the necessary things, a list of weekly purchases.


The most difficult is not to bring order - it is much more difficult to maintain it regularly. Take yourself for the rule: every day, 15 minutes to give cleaning in the kitchen.

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