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7 simple tips for how to behave with a child

Communicating with the child, carefully monitor what and how you say and do. Children should trust their parents, be proud of them and obey. This is one of the basic rules of education.

7 simple tips for how to behave with a child
1. Do not read the child long notations. At best, they will simply listen to them, but will not follow them, but at worst will be angry with you or harbor resentment. It is simpler and more effective to give children a good example of their behavior.

2. Children rely on their parents and, seeing their weaknesses and shortcomings, are lost. While they are small, they have no one else to rely on. Do not kid a child, because if he finds out about your lies, it will permanently undermine his confidence in you, or he will decide that if his parents cheat, then that's what he can do.

3. Never quarrel with a child. Hearing the father and mother scream at each other, the child is frightened or starts to rebel. You also need to behave calmly and affably with others: friends, teachers, educators in the kindergarten, parents in the playground.

4. Do not scare children Baba-yaga, wolves, monsters. A child growing up in fear is unlikely to be calm, kind, caring.

5. Do not beat your children, even if they deserve it. You can slap a child,
But not in a moment of anger. The child will forget the slap fast, and the face of the mother or father distorted by anger and anger will be remembered for a long time.

6. The child should know that you are fair, punishing him for a bad deed, and not for what he already "took out." And also he must understand that there are rules that must be respected for his own good.

7. Do not call your child careless, lazy. Children easily give in to suggestion, and if you tell the child every time about how unskillful he is, he will not want to learn to do something, and after a while he can really become lazy.

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