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7 rules of a strong man


7 rules of a strong man</a>

Fear is an integral part of life. Fear is absolutely normal.

But do not let fear take over you.

To create and strengthen the nervous system at a high level, you should remember 7 simple rules.



Do not avoid fear
Just comprehend it and take it only asA natural feeling. Analyze your fears and come to the conclusion that you do not have to give in to them. Just think of them as a movie you just watched. What you see on the screen, in life does not exist. Fear will come and go as well as footage on the film.


Do not live past
Know that it's never too late to start over. But for this it is necessary to let go of the past with all grievances and experiences. Leave only good memories and start living for today.


Do not sympathize and do not feel sorry for yourself
Self-pity, various grievances move youWalk in a circle, then again and again return to the same negative thoughts. Scientists have proven that insults, stored in the soul for years, can lead to cancer. Therefore it is foolish to punish ourselves if someone has ever offended you.


Let go of the past with the help of forgiveness
Forgiveness is goodbye. Farewell to various grievances and experiences. Farewell to the event as a whole. Conversely, unforgiveness can lead to the beginning of destructive activity within you - for years accumulated negative thoughts, as a result, turn against you.


Do not get hung up on bad thoughts
Try to think and say what in your lifeeverything is fine. Put your thoughts in a positive direction. Daily plan as many things as you like. Leave time to rest with a book or to watch a good movie. Meet with friends, visit relatives.


Help other people, and you will see that you become easier and the soul is filled with light.


Despite the fact that you feel, keep your head up and behave as if everything is going well with you.

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