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7 recipes natural deodorants

7 recipes natural deodorants

Of course, the best to get rid of unpleasant odors - Standing wash his body, but not vmegda have the opportunity and time, so come up with deodorants.

This article will talk about how to make deodorants themselves at home.

1. Baking soda can be used instead of the usual baking soda deodorant. Take half a teaspoon of baking soda and diluted in a glass of water. All mix well and wipe with a cotton swab places that sweat. Sweat is, of course, not become less, but get rid of the smell. During summer heat, repeated several times a day. Also, after a shower, rub baking soda in the underarm, it also saves you from the smell.

2. Take Oils essential oil, any smell that you like and drip a few drops on the problem area, a little rubbing. Attention!!! If you are pregnant or you have a problem with the immune system, choose the oil carefully.

3. Prepare a decoction of oak bark, oak bark. 1 tbsp. spoon bark pour a glass of hot water. We look forward to when cool and wipe clean armpits soaked in broth with a cotton swab.

4. Wipe the body Apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar diluted in water. If you soured apple juice, it can also be used in order to get rid of the smell.

5. Burning alum Well my armpits and shave. Wipe wipe and causes burnt alum. As if you do not sweat, a few days you will not disturb the smell.

6. Salicylic-zinc paste It is sold in any drugstore. Rub it after taking a shower in the armpits, pre-dried. Pasta and use a little as needed.

7. Starch Take deodorant dry lavender and its finely frayed. Mix together with starch. Pour a little into the palm, apply to underarms cotton movements. Dry on a hot day, you are guaranteed.

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