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7 top male fears

7 top male fears

It is believed that men should not be afraid of anything. They must be strong, courageous.

But it turns out, even the most confident man has its small and not very fears.



In fact, all men are afraid to do anythingnot properly. This may be related to the work, with communication, with anything. Self-esteem and mood of the stronger sex is directly related to its success in society.


From the first point implies the following men's fear. This fear of criticism. Ironically, men are very dependent on other people's opinions. The opinions of others about them very much affect the self-esteem and self-confidence.


Many men fear that their chosen one does not appreciate their friends. And the opinion of relatives are often not important. For the stronger sex it is important to understand the man's company.


Most men are afraid to change something in yourself. This may involve both the appearance and habits. It does not justify these changes, even the fact that they will only benefit man.


One of the most important men's fears - is to succumb to manipulation of the female to become a henpecked. Therefore, all the men are trying to maintain a leadership role in the relationship.


Terrible panic and sometimes unpredictable behavior makes the stronger sex threat to their reputation or financial position.


And most men are afraid of losing their freedom, that is.e. to marry. This includes fear of infidelity, divorce, children and household. It is for this reason that most of them pulled upon proposal of marriage to last.

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