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7 main female fears


7 main female fears</a>

Unlike the male, the female psyche is more vulnerable and open to emotions. Women are ready to worry and worry about and without.

Often the female psyche is ahead of events and predicts something bad. What torments the weak sex most of all?

Here are the top seven most common female fears.



Fear of loneliness is the most important female fear. Men in such cases tend to consider themselves free, and women are lonely. Constantly thinking about this, often women start to do everything to ensure that their man does not leave them, turning themselves into a limp creature that has forgotten about itself. In fact, it is much easier to attract and hold a man beside you for a long time for those women who are confident, constantly evolving and doing something, rather than cultivating a complex in them all forgotten and lonely.


The second most popular fear is the fear of old age. On this basis, there is a mental illness called "ritiphobia", i.e. Fear of wrinkles. This fear is a direct consequence of the first. Many women think that if they become old, they will become uninteresting to their man, and he will leave. To win this fear is possible, if you fill every living day with meaning, think about your achievements in life.


The following concerns are related to the motherInstinct. It is a fear for the future of children, experiences about their future fate and well-being. These are quite natural fears, and if they do not have a hint of fanaticism, then this is the natural state of any mother.


Fear of infertility or, conversely, fearTo become pregnant, are associated with low self-esteem, with self-doubt. For the treatment of these fears, there are special methods that have as their main goal an increase in importance in their own eyes.


Most women experience terrible fear andPanic when encountering insects, rodents and some natural phenomena. According to psychologists, these fears are a woman's attempt to show men their weakness and defenselessness, and cause their desire to save a weak creature from difficulties.


Every woman is afraid of betrayal, afraidTo lose a loved one, this gives rise to jealousy and the search for evidence of his infidelity. This is due to the low self-esteem of a woman. In the case of such problems, psychologists advise a woman to imagine that this has already happened, to experience this situation, and to realize that life goes on.


Many people are concerned about the opinions of others around them,Especially for women. This happens when a woman is forced to label the "right girl". Psychologists give advice to forget about all stereotypes and allow themselves to live the way you want.

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