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7 main female fears

7 main female fears

Unlike men, women's psyche is more vulnerable and open to the emotions. Women are ready to experience and to worry about and no.

Often the female psyche ahead of events and predicts something bad. What hurts the weaker sex the most?

Here are the top seven most common women's fears.



Fear of being alone - the most important feminine fear. Men in such cases tend to think of themselves as free, and women - alone. Constantly thinking about it, women often start to do everything to ensure that they are not a man of them walked away, turning himself thereby limp creature has forgotten about himself. In fact, much easier to attract and keep a man next to him for a long time for women who are confident, constantly evolving and doing something, rather than cultivate a set of all the forgotten and alone.


The second most popular fear - a fear of old age. On this basis, there is a mental illness called "ritifobiya", ie fear of wrinkles. This fear - a direct consequence of the first. Many women think that old age, they will become uninteresting to the man, and he will leave. Win this fear can be, if to fill every day that sense, reflect on their achievements in life.


The following concerns related to the parentinstinct. It is fear for the future of children, feelings about their future and well-being. This is quite natural fear, and if they do not have a hint of fanaticism, it is the natural state of any mother.


Fear of infertility or, on the contrary, fearbecome pregnant, are associated with low self-esteem with self-doubt. For the treatment of these fears, there are special techniques that the main aim have increasing importance in his own eyes.


Most women experience terrible fear andpanic at a meeting with insects, rodents and some natural phenomena. According to psychologists, this fear - is an attempt to show women to men their weakness and vulnerability, and cause their desire to protect the weak from creating difficulties.


Every woman is afraid of betrayal, fearlosing a loved one, it appears from the jealousy and the search for evidence of his infidelity. This is due to low self-esteem of women. In the case of such problems, psychologists advise women to imagine that it has already happened, to experience this situation, and realize that life goes on.


Many people are concerned about the opinions of those around them,especially for women. This happens when the woman is imposed label "right girl". Psychologists give advice to forget about all the stereotypes and afford to live the way you want.

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