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7 light of experiments on himself

7 experiments on himself

Almost everyone knows that in order to achievesignificant results in self-development, it is necessary to put a lot of effort. Get out of your comfort zone and overcome fear, to stand up for their ideals and to find their own passion.

In the end, all determines whether you have taken action or not.

However, not all people are like, you can challenge yourself to get better.

Here are 7 examples of how you can experiment on your willpower.



Dispose of unnecessary items. During the day, try to collect all the things that are in your home that you do not use them. Do not regret anything. If these things you do not need the next 3 months, from which you can safely get rid of.


For a whole month to do good deeds. Whether you throw a trifle homeless or help grandmother to cross the road. The main thing - to do something really useful for those who really need it.


Impulsively buy a ticket anywhere. If you often walk past the posters, select any concert, show or performance, and buy him a ticket. It diversifies your life and make it more interesting.


Give yourself the whole relationship. If you have someone meet, then during the day do their best for the second half. If you do not have a loved one, it's time to find it.


Meet with a random person. This may be a stranger at the bus stop or any friend of your second half. You need to know more people. This will not only expand your network of contacts, but also help you change yourself for the better.


Organize a long walk. You can call all your friends and go on the road alone. It is important that the distance was significant. You have to spend on it is not less than 3 hours.


Avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Many people connect their internal energy is with these things. Coffee increases its cigarettes and alcohol reduce. You must understand that your attitude and your ability to improvements did not depend on them. In addition, they cause irreparable damage to health.

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