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Cleaning of the apartment

General cleaning - occupation is quite exhausting, but it can not be avoided, especially before big holidays or before the arrival of guests.

Even if your apartment is small and you do the cleaning on a regular basis, it is still dust, dirt and clutter accumulate.

However, if you follow the 7 "gold" harvest rules, this process can be done minimally labor-intensive.



Make it a rule every day to pay 15-20minutes cleaning. Yes Yes exactly. But it is not necessary for this time to bring order everywhere. 15 minutes is enough, for example, to find out on the window sill or in the wardrobe. Of course, the global problems of the general cleaning that does not solve, but the time in the "decisive battle" to save the mud.


Cleaning starts with the processes, which requiretime, but do not require your participation. To throw the laundry in the washing, soaked dishes, we go to sleep "Pemolyuks" chronic spots, down to the bathroom dusty carpets and fill them with water and powder etc /


The apartment will have a neat appearance, if youwill put in order all the horizontal surfaces. So we arm bag and in it We store all that is needed. All that can be useful, but do not have time to mess around with this, we gather in another package or in a separate place.


Cleaning start from the top down. First, the upper level: ceiling lamps, chandeliers, polotki, top cabinets. Then - average: cabinets, tables, windowsills, shelves, etc. A reserve on the floor last.


For carpet cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner. You do not need to clean it with a cloth or sponge. If we are too dusty carpet, it is best to pat him on the street. Blowin 'in this case, the carpet needed cleaning before the start, and lay back in the last resort, when everything has already been removed.


Use different napkins. Get colorful towels for every room. And when cleaning dust holding in one hand a damp cloth, and the other - dry. It is better to use a microfiber, it is an excellent material for cleaning. It is suitable for washing windows.


Plumbing and bathroom generally clean up is necessary inlast. Why? Because all the dirt - with rags, mops, basins, etc. It will do it in the sink, bathroom and toilet. So it makes sense to take care of their purity at least, not to redo twice the same work.

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