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7 Wonderful Ways to Burn More Calories


7 Wonderful Ways to Burn More Calories</a>

Summer is approaching and every woman starts to think about her figure. As a rule, over the winter a couple of extra pounds are typed, which you want to quickly lose as an unnecessary cargo.

Distressing diets and sports not everyone will like.

There are much more simple and interesting ways to make the body work more actively and fight with unbidden kilograms.



Psychological attitude is no less important thanPhysical action, so you always need to properly motivate yourself. Take a photo where you have little clothes and clearly visible figure. Review all the details and note the shortcomings. Try using Photoshop or just a marker to fix the problem areas and thereby draw a new shape to which you aspire. Thus, you will clearly see the ideal to which you aspire, and also understand the specific actions necessary to achieve the goal.


Do not hide your eyes from the light, and while on the street do notToo bright sun, give up the dark glasses. When the sunlight gets on the retina of the eye, the hormone serotonin begins to be actively produced. He, in turn, not only raises the mood, but also increases the consumption of calories. Sunglasses are better to choose with lenses not black, but blue, then the appetite will be significantly reduced.


Summer time is simply created for traveling to nature. This is a good opportunity not only to have fun, but also burn more calories. It is especially useful to get out in pine forests or on blossoming fields. The flavors that are present there are themselves stimulants of the breakdown of fats. Collect a bouquet of field herbs and put it in your kitchen so that the fat-burning aromas are always at hand.


Walking barefoot is very useful for health, becauseOn the skin of the foot there are about 100 biologically active points that regulate the energy exchange of our body. Influencing certain points, you can force your body to burn more calories. Even better effect can be achieved if you do not walk on a level surface, but on grass, sand, gravel and other coatings.


Extra kilograms can be burned with the help ofCorrect breathing, because this process requires oxygen. Doing breathing exercises in the fresh air can tighten the tummy and remove a couple of centimeters in the waist and hips. Sit in the pose of half-lotus and take a deep, slow breath, while bulging your belly. When you feel that the stomach is filled with air, begin to expand the chest. Hold your breath for 5 seconds and start exhaling slowly from the chest first, and then out of the stomach. Repeat first 2-3 times, and then increase to 10-15 approaches.


Take cleansing herbal preparations thatSuitable for your state of health. Herbs should be taken in 2-3 weeks. At the same time, do between breaks take at least a month.


Eat more fiber, whichIs an excellent absorbent. Eat fruits and vegetables with a peel, there is a lot of intractable fiber in it. Fiber fibers do not allow digestive enzymes to break down sugar to glucose and fructose, and then slow down the process of their absorption.

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