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7 exciting ways to burn more calories

7 exciting ways to burn more calories

The summer is coming and every woman starts thinking about their figure. Usually during the winter it recruited a couple of extra kilos, who wants to lose as unnecessary load faster.

Exhausting Diet & Fitness is not everyone will appreciate.

There is a much simpler and more interesting ways to make the body work harder, and to deal with uninvited pounds.



Mental attitude is no less important thanphysical action, so you always need to motivate yourself properly. Take a photo, where you have little clothes and is clearly visible figure. Consider all the details and check the existing shortcomings. Try using Photoshop, or simply a marker to correct problem areas and thereby draw a new shape to which you aspire. Thus you will clearly see the ideal that seek and understand the specific actions needed to achieve the goal.


Do not hide your eyes from the light, and until in the streettoo bright sun, refuse sunglasses. When sunlight hits the retina, begins to actively produce the hormone serotonin. He, in turn, not only uplifting, but also increases the consumption of calories. Sunglasses with lenses is better to choose is not a black and blue, then your appetite will decrease considerably.


Summertime created just for going on nature. This is a good opportunity not only to have fun but also burn more calories. Especially useful in selected pine forests or on the blossoming field. Aromas that are present there, are themselves fat breakdown stimulators. Gather a bunch of wild herbs and put in his kitchen to fat burning scents have always been at hand.


Walking barefoot is good for health becauseon the skin of the foot is approximately 100 active pixels, which regulate the energy transfer in the body. Impact on certain points, you can get your body to burn more calories. Even better effect can be achieved, if not walk on level ground, and the grass, sand, gravel and other coating.


The extra kilograms can burn and useproper breathing, because the oxygen required for this process. Catching breathing exercises in the fresh air, you can tighten the tummy and remove a couple of centimeters in waist and hips. Sit in a half lotus pose and take a deep, slow breath, and the bulging belly. When you feel that the stomach is filled with air, start to expand the chest. Hold your breath for 5 seconds and exhale slowly start first from the chest, and then from the stomach. Repeat 2-3 times at the beginning, and then increase to 10-15 approaches.


Take a cleansing herbal teas, whichsuitable for your health condition. Herbs need to take courses in 2-3 weeks. This necessarily make between taking a break no less than a month.


Eat more fiber, whichIt is an excellent absorbent. Eat fruits and vegetables with the skin, it is very much trudnousvayaemoy fiber. Fibers do not provide fiber, digestive enzymes to break down the sugar into glucose and fructose, and then slow down the process of absorption.

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