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7 elements of etiquette, which everyone should know

7 elements of etiquette, which everyone should know

Good manners in recent years are not experiencing the best of times.

Many do not even know how to behave as educated people.

Despite the development of society and fashion, it should be understood that the basic concepts of etiquette never become obsolete, since they are distinguished from the barbarian cultural society.



In restaurants or other public diningplaces a woman have to sit at the table first. A man can control the situation by offering the lady a chair. In addition, there is a rule according to which man should get up from the table every time a woman gets. However, this rule has recently refuted.


Having lunch, you can not put your elbows on the table. This can be done only in the intervals when there is no food on it, as well as some non-formal institutions. For example, in bars.


A man should not be in the room inheaddress. The only exception is public places such as train or bus. The hat is always removed: in the presence of a woman, when the national anthem sounds, take photos, etc.


You can never move the personal property of another person. Even if the subject's stopping you, you have no right to touch it. It does not matter, this bag or a normal mobile phone.


Men need to be shaved. On a visit to weddings, business meetings, interviews, etc. razor should become your best friend. Nebra is possible only when you grow a special hairstyle. For example, a small beard.


During sneezing and coughing is necessary to close the mouth with your hand or a handkerchief. The second option is preferred. If you are still closed by hand, be sure to wipe it off.


There are situations when it is impossible to reject the invitation in any case. There are only two: funerals and ceremonies such as weddings. Do everything you can to catch the meeting.

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