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6 ways of fast warming up


Coming home from the cold, we can not for a long timeget warm. The feeling of chilliness for a while reminds of severe winter weather. You can wrap yourself in a warm blanket and have a little pampering in bed, but there are ways by which the body warms up much faster. In addition, some techniques will help you also make prevention of catarrhal diseases.

Keep warm in the cold
METHOD # 1. Capsaicin is cayenne pepper. It tastes very much like the familiar chili. Due to the burning taste and special composition, this pepper is capable of instantly dispersing blood and destroying most of the viruses that are trapping us in cold or rainy weather. Capsaicin can be consumed in fresh, dried form, as well as make from it tinctures.

METHOD # 2. Very quickly warm in the cold of inhalation. For such procedures, grasses with healing properties are most often used. To eliminate the feeling of chilliness, sage is ideal. It is enough to make the broth to inhale steam for 5-10 minutes.

METHOD # 3. This way of warming will give you real pleasure. It's about the coffee soul. Prepare a fragrant scrub from cinnamon essential oil and half a glass of ground coffee. All the ingredients must be mixed with a small amount of olive oil and massage the mixture onto the body. Flushing such a scrub off the body, you not only get warm, but also get a charge of positive emotions.

METHOD # 4. Quickly warm your feet will help the mustard. In cotton socks, pour a little mustard powder, shake it carefully and put it on your feet. In just a few minutes you will feel a rush of heat.

Method number 5. Specialists note that during the winter cold the person spends much more energy than on warm summer days. To return energy will help hot and rich soups. Just a plate of your favorite dish can instantly warm and bring back a good mood.

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