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6 things that will make your hair healthy


All kinds of masks, creams and even salon care are notMake your hair healthy and beautiful if you eat "wrong" food. Here is a list of just some of the foods that you should add to your diet to provide full hair care.

6 things that will make your hair healthy

1. Milk

Studies have shown that iron, zinc,Biotin and protein can contribute to hair loss. Ideal product containing to the maximum all of these substances - milk. In addition, milk is a source of calcium, vitamin D, which also make the hair elastic, sturdy.

2 eggs

Your hair, which grows to aboutHalf an inch per month, consist of 97% protein. Therefore, you must replenish the body with this nutrient to promote growth and recovery of cells. Eggs are also rich in biotin and iron.

3. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids contained in salmon,Strengthen the hair and are good for the scalp. Also strengthen the nails, which, with sufficient availability in the diet of omega-3 fatty acids, grow by about 3 millimeters per month.

4. Leafy vegetables

Cabbage, spinach, lettuce and other green vegetablesAre full of vitamins C and A necessary for you. This is important for the production of collagen substance, which strengthens blood vessels. Vitamin C is important for the assimilation of iron, vitamin A supports hair growth.

5. Orange and yellow vegetables

Carrots, pumpkins and zucchini, rich in vitamin A,Make the hair more shiny and less dry. "Sunny" vegetables are full of beta-carotene, which helps vitamin A to participate in the processes of growth and rejuvenation of hair, nails and skin.

6. Water

Water is equally important for hair, nails, and the whole body. It helps to transport all the necessary nutrients to the very ends of your hair!

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