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6 mistakes that roses do not forgive

6 mistakes that roses do not forgive

Among the violent variety of beautiful flowering plants rose has a special place.

Few plants for a variety of shapes and colors of wealth, the abundance and duration of flowering can compete with the roses. No wonder these flowers are revered in ancient times.

They are not so difficult to breed in your garden, you need only know the 6 mistakes that this proud beauty does not forgive florist.



The most optimal time for planting roses - itautumn. It is desirable to have time to do so before mid-October. Roses can be grafted and non-grafted which to improve hardiness and endurance is grafted onto the rose. Place grafting is easy to detect on the stem of the bush. They are much more resilient, but behind these shrubs need to constantly monitor, as rosehip gives its own growth. If it is not removed in a timely manner, the rose bush is easy to turn into a wild rose bush. Non-grafted roses such problems have not, but they are more picky. Another note on the leaves of seedlings are sold. They should be green without damage. If the leaves do not have, such bush is better not to acquire.


Very often poorly roses bloom due to improperlanding. Grafted roses is very important to select a suitable landing area, otherwise colors can not wait. Place vaccinations should be buried in the soil at 3-5 cm, depending on the soil type in your area. On sandy soil types, planting can be a little deeper, and on clay - smaller. Non-grafted roses and develop better when slightly recessed landing. It stimulates the growth of new roots.


For a longer bloom fadedbuds should be cut off in a timely manner, and together with the third escape. For greater tillering to do regular pruning the bush, paying attention to the fact that the cut was made to the outside of the kidney. Those. a sheet on which escape is cut off, must "look" to the outside, or a bush and thicken due to poor ventilation by often begin to hurt.


Rose - a flower royal, nutrition she needsappropriate. To feed should be several times per season. The first time it is done in the beginning of June, before flowering. At this time, they need nitrogen fertilizer can be used mullein infusion. After 7-10 days, fed mineral fertilizer. To the flowers were beautiful, the roses are fed before the bloom buds, and then immediately after withering. Note that in the second half of summer nitrogen for fertilizing can not be used because Bush will not have time to prepare for the winter and will likely die.


It is very demanding to watering the flowers. Better if it will be abundant, but rare. When watering is necessary to loosen the earth under the bushes, because crust formed under the pressure of the water, prevents penetration of oxygen to the roots. Good results are obtained by mulching - it helps to keep the ground moist longer and safeguard the active growth of weeds. You can use tree bark, dry grass without seeds or rotted manure.


Grafted roses often suffer from the phenomenon ofBlind shoots. They have five leaflets, and they are more powerful than the rest of the shoots grow, they usually lower vaccination site. They do not give the buds and severely weaken the plant. In the case of such branches, bush dig a little and cut blind escape, leaving the stump. Place slice smeared with pitch, drug "RanNet" or green paint.

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