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6 mistakes that roses do not forgive


6 mistakes that roses do not forgive</a>

Among the lush variety of beautiful flowering plants, the rose takes a special place.

Few plants in a variety of forms and richness of colors, in abundance and duration of flowering can compete with roses. Not for nothing that these flowers were revered even in ancient times.

They are not so difficult to breed in your garden, you only need to know the 6 mistakes that this proud beauty does not forgive the florists.



The most optimal time for planting roses isautumn. It is advisable to make it before the middle of October. Roses can be proprietary and grafted, which to increase winter hardiness and endurance are planted on rose hips. The place of grafting is easy to detect on the stem of the bush. They are much more resilient, but behind such bushes it is necessary to watch constantly, tk. Dogrose gives its own growth. If it is not removed in time, the rose bush will easily turn into a rose hip bush. Root-owned roses have no such problem, but they are more capricious. Still pay attention to the leaves of the sold seedlings. They should be green and without damage. If there are no leaves, then it is better not to buy such a bush.


Very often roses bloom badly because of the wrongLanding. The grafted roses are very important to choose a suitable place for planting, otherwise you can not wait for flowers. The site of vaccination should be buried in the soil for 3-5 cm, it depends on the type of soil on your site. On sandy soil types, planting is possible a little deeper, and on clayey soils - smaller. Root-owned roses also develop better with a slightly buried landing. This stimulates the growth of new roots.


For a longer flowering, the fadedBuds need to be cut off in time, and together with the third escape. For greater tillering it is necessary to do regular pruning of the bush, paying attention to the fact that the cut was made on the external kidney. Those. A leaf over which the shoot is cut off, must "look" outwards, otherwise the bush will thicken and, because of poor purging, will often get sick.


Rose is a royal flower, it needs foodCorresponding. You need to feed several times during the season. The first time it is done in early June, before flowering. At this time they need nitrogen fertilizer, you can use the infusion of mullein. After 7-10 days, they are fed with mineral fertilizer. For the flowers to be beautiful, the roses are fed before the buds dissolve, and then immediately after the wilting. Note that in the second half of the summer, nitrogen can not be used for fertilizing, because The bush will not have time to prepare for the winter and, most likely, will die.


Very demanding these flowers to watering. It is better if it is abundant, but rare. After watering it is necessary to loosen the ground under bushes, tk. The crust formed under the pressure of water prevents the penetration of oxygen to the roots. Good results are provided by mulching - it helps to keep the soil moist longer and protects against active growth of weeds. To do this, you can use wood bark, dry grass without seeds or bred dung.


Grafted roses often suffer from such a phenomenon asBlind shoots. They have five leaves and they are more powerful than the other shoots, they usually grow below the site of vaccination. They do not give buds and greatly weaken the plant. In the case of such branches, the bush digs a little and cuts off the blind shoot without leaving a hemp. The location of the cut is smeared with a ferment, "RunNet" or greens.

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