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6 golden rules of business correspondence


Every businessman should know the rules of business correspondence. It is worthwhile to conduct a small educational program on this topic.

The meaning of business correspondence
The first rule: "Detailed title"

In the subject of the letter it is extremely important to write at least a few words, so that the addressee decided to open the letter. Otherwise, such a letter will be considered spam.

The second rule: "Structure"

The content of each business letter should be divided into the following items:
• How did you find out about the addressee
• What can you offer him?
• What benefits will it derive from cooperating with you

Third rule: "Feedback"

At the end of the letter, indicate your contacts and position. The receiver will immediately know who you are, how to contact you, if the offer was attractive to him.

The fourth rule: "Only the Russian language"

In a business letter, there should not be slang words, emoticons, obscene words, unacceptable abbreviations and non-existent language constructions. Only the mighty Russian language.

The fifth rule: "Appreciate the time of the addressee"

Send business letters only as needed. The addressee will not waste time reading the next commercial offer. Guess the time.

The sixth rule: "Unity of the letter"

Attached files, if any, should be in the body of the letter, and not be sent by the following letter. Unfortunately, this rule is often ignored.

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