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5 yoga poses for a good sleep


5 yoga poses for a good sleep</a>

Is insomnia troubled?

Try to do yoga and drink a night of delicious herbal tea (for example, chamomile and valerian), soothing the nervous system.



Sit facing the wall, lie on your back and straighten your legs along the wall. Put your hands on each side, palms up. Breathe deeply.


Sit cross-legged. Exhale, placing your right hand on your left knee, and left on the bed behind you. Slowly turn the body to the left, then head. Breathe deeply. Return to the center and repeat the exercise on the other side.


Lay down on your back, fold your feet together, and spread your knees. Straighten your hands, palms up. Breathe deeply.


Squat down and tilt the body forward. Straighten your arms and drop as low as you can. Hold for a few seconds.


Lie on your back and press your knees to your chest. Cross your legs and clasp your legs with your hands. Inhale and move to a sitting position. Exhale and go back. Do 1 minute, then go to bed.

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