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5 ways to paint a T-shirt



In the wardrobe of any fashionable woman you can always findT-shirt, in which it is very convenient to go in for sports or go around the house. Each girl would always like to stand out against the others or make a gift to her beloved.

I suggest 5 ways how to paint a T-shirt yourself.

You will need

  • - markers
  • - Acrylic colors and contours
  • - T-shirt
  • - a simple pencil
  • - stencils
  • - paint for batik



Abstraction. Fold the T-shirt into a knot, roll or tourniquet. To whom as it is pleasant more. Soak it in the paint, designed for the batik. It can be purchased in clerical or specialized shops for artists. When you straighten the shirt, then on its entire surface will be seen beautiful symmetrical patterns. T-shirt can be tied with a cord or ribbon, while the patterns will be more interesting.


Drawing with contours orMarkers. Using a contour or marker, you can put a clear pattern on the T-shirt. To do this, there are special markers designed for light and dark fabrics.
Acrylic contours are small tubes withPaint, which you can paint on the fabric. The only thing, the contours give way to markers is that the pressure on the tube should be uniformly, so that the drawing seemed more accurate.
Before drawing the picture on the T-shirt, pull itOn a flat surface. Select a sketch and translate the picture onto the T-shirt using a simple pencil. Now you should circle it with a loop. If you want to paint a picture, then use acrylic paints.


Stencil. For fans of pop art stencils are great. Make a sketch on the cardboard. A drawing can be anything - it's entirely your imagination. Remember, the drawing should be whole, and not consist of pieces.
Put the resulting stencil on the T-shirt and paint the entire sheet of paint, then remove it.


Imitation of a suit. A very interesting approach to the design of a T-shirt will be a painted copy of the shirt of the hero of the movie or comic strip. For example, on a dark T-shirt draw a white paint tie, buttons and pockets.


Drawing on the whole T-shirt. Quite an interesting solution is a drawing that stretches across the entire T-shirt. Do not necessarily do it on one side. For example, you can draw a cat, its legs on the back, and the muzzle in front, the tail can be drawn down the edge of the T-shirt.

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