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5 ways to paint a t-shirt


In the wardrobe of any fashionista can always findT-shirt, which is very comfortable to play sports or walk around the house. Every girl always wanted to stand out from the rest, or make a gift to loved his hands.

I suggest 5 ways how to paint your own t-shirt.

You will need

  • - markers
  • - Acrylic paint and contours
  • - T-shirt
  • - Simple pencil
  • - stencils
  • - Paint batik



Abstraction. Fold the shirt in a knot, in a roll or a tourniquet. As you wish. Soak it in paint intended for batik. It can be purchased at a stationery or specialized shops for artists. When you flatten a T-shirt, then its entire surface will be visible beautiful symmetrical patterns. T-shirt, you can tie a ribbon or cord, while the patterns are interesting.


Drawing done with the help of loops ormarkers. With a path or marker can be put on a t-shirt clear pattern. For this there are special markers are designed for light and dark fabrics.
Acrylic circuits - which are small tubes ofpaint, which can be drawn on the fabric. Only the contours give way markers that put pressure on the tube to be uniform to figure looked neater.
Before applying the pattern to pull her shirton a flat surface. Select a thumbnail and move the picture on the t-shirt with a simple pencil. Now, it should be cut around the outline. If you want to paint a picture, you can use acrylic paints.


Stencil. For lovers of pop art stencils are ideal. Make a sketch on cardboard. Figure can be anything - it is entirely your imagination. Remember, the figure should be whole, not composed of pieces.
Lay the shirt on the resulting stencil paint and paint the whole sheet, then remove it.


Imitation suit. A very interesting approach to the design of T-shirts will be drawn copy shirt hero movies or comics. For example, on a dark t-shirt with white paint to draw a tie, buttons and pockets.


Drawing on the whole shirt. Quite an interesting solution would be drawing, which stretches across the shirt. You do not have to do it on one side. For example, you can draw a cat, her paws on the back, and the front snout, tail can be drawn on the bottom edge of the T-shirts.

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