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5 Ways to Find an Extra Hour in a Day


There is such a type of people, which today is encountered more often - these are those who are sorely lacking in time. What are 5 ways to find extra time in a day?

Extra time in days

Steve Jobs once said: "Perceive the day not as 24 hours, but as 86400 seconds. Then the time will come. " It is worth to learn five ways to get extra time in a day.

The first way

Eliminate distractions. Even if a person is distracted for a few seconds, it will take him 5 to 15 minutes to focus again on the matter he was doing. More this applies to mental, and not to physical tasks. For creative people, such distractions can result in the fact that they do not want to continue. The inspiration will evaporate.

The second way

In most cases, "larks" are reallyHave time to do more. Getting up earlier for 1-2 hours, you can spend them on raking up old cases or achieving a new goal. For some reason, the same two hours left for the evening are not so effective. This is particularly true of those who are surrounded by many people around the house.

The third way

Delegate tasks to others. There is much talk about this, but few people apply. There is nothing wrong with asking another person to do a routine job for you. Especially in the event that these actions are paid. The opportunity to earn money has not upset anyone. The idea can be used both in a career and in home affairs.

The fourth way

Plan the day. Planning should include:

- to-do list-

- sequence-

- the time allotted to each of them-

- probability of force majeure and possible changes.

The fifth way

Cleaning the long drawer. That long box, in which so many years were postponed, it's time to sort. First, make a list of everything you wanted to do, but did not start or did not finish.

Erase everything that is no longer relevant, as well as what is imposed by other personalities. While reading the list, ask yourself the question: "Is this my wish, is it my goal?" Leave the remaining goals.

Take as a rule to complete a certain number of "long box" items per month.


Taking on at least 2-3 methods, you will soonNotice changes. And yet it is better to take advantage of all - then the result will be even more interesting. The main thing, do not forget - the time you need to spend on useful tasks. Live in a new rhythm for at least a month, and you will be delighted with the positive changes!

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