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5 options for weight loss baths


To enjoy with the effect of weight loss is quite possible by taking a bath. These baths should not be taken more than three times a week.

5 options for weight loss baths

You will need

  • Bath for Cleopatra:
  • - 100 g of honey-
  • - a liter of milk-
  • - 150 g of sea salt-
  • - 150 g of sour cream-
  • Mustard bath:
  • - 250 g of mustard-
  • Rose bath:
  • - Rose petals-
  • - 5 drops of rose oil-
  • - a liter of milk-
  • Bath with bran:
  • - a liter of milk-
  • - 1 kg of bran-
  • - 1 tbsp honey-
  • Soda bath:
  • - 200 g of soda-
  • - 300 g of salt-

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Bath for Cleopatra.
Preheat one liter of milk in a saucepan, addhoney. Separately combine sour cream, sea salt. It is necessary to rub the body with a mass of sour cream and salt, soak for 15 minutes. Draw the water into the tub, pour in the honeyed milk. The bath should be taken for 20 minutes.
Taking such a bath will give your skin elasticity.


Mustard bath.
One glass of mustard must be combined with warm water, then poured into a bath.
It is necessary to stay in the bath for 10 minutes, then wash the body under the shower. Take cover with a blanket and go for 30 minutes.


The pink bath.
Pour water into the tub, the temperature does not exceed 45 degrees. Add rose petals, rose oil and one liter of milk. So the skin will not be dry and tight. The bath should be taken 15 minutes.


Bath with bran.
In two liters of milk, soak bran and 1 tbsp. L of honey. Let it brew for a few minutes. Pour this mass into the tub. Take no more than 30 minutes.
The reception of this bath perfectly refreshes and tightens the skin.


Soda bath.
Mix baking soda and salt, pour out thisMixture in the bath. It is necessary to stay in the bath for 10 minutes. Then there should be a bed rest for 30 minutes, without eating or drinking two hours before the bath and two hours after.

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